Larry Bird is one of the greatest NBA players of all time, and 5 of his career-defining plays are now available to own as new video collectibles on NBA Top Shot. 

As official partners of the NBA and NBPA, we’re proud to work directly with Larry Bird to hand-pick the classic highlights he’s most proud of — and use modern technology to make them limited edition collectibles that you can collect, buy, sell, and trade.  

Larry Bird’s Anthology Set is a tribute to the Hick from French Lick’s Hall of Fame career, documenting and celebrating his 1981 and 1986 NBA Finals performances, record-setting 60-point game, iconic left-handed game, and historic victory in the NBA’s first-ever three-point contest.

Larry Bird Pack Drops
  • New and established Top Shot collectors and Larry Bird fans can join the Pack Drops today, through August 23, and compete for the chance to open a Pack featuring these extremely limited edition pieces of NBA history. 
  • To buy a $99 Rare Bird Pack, featuring 1 of 3 Rare limited edition Larry Bird Moments, click here. These Moments come in edition sizes of /399, /499, and /599.
  • To buy a $999 Larry Legend Pack, featuring 1 of 2 Legendary limited edition NBA Finals Larry Bird Moments, click here. These Moments come in edition sizes of /33 and /86. Only collectors with a Drop Score of 500,000 or higher are eligible for these Moments. 
  • Larry Bird’s Autographed Moment is the /33 Legendary NBA Finals Performance from 1981, where Bird won his first NBA Championship.

Pay with Credit Card or your Dapper Balance in our convenient Drop format. Join the Drop today using Credit Card or Dapper Wallet, request how many Packs you want, and you’ll only be charged if you end up selected to receive one in the Drawing on August 23, 2023. Only 1393 Rare Bird Packs and 106 Larry Legend Packs will be available for sale. On August 23, everyone who ordered one will be randomly selected in a drawing for these Packs.


NBA History Larry Bird's Words

On July 17, we traveled to Indiana to spend time with Larry Bird, capturing his digital signature for his Legendary /33 Moment, having him autograph jerseys and basketballs for collectors to win, and talking to him 1:1 about the historic plays we’re introducing to the world as new Moments.

Experience NBA History, in Bird’s Words. 

On August 23, NBA fans and collectors will open Packs filled with five of the greatest plays of Larry Bird’s historic career. Start your collection today for your chance to be one of them. 

If you’re an established Top Shot collector that loves the Celtics, Larry Bird, and historical Top Shot Moments, learn about our upcoming Larry Bird Leaderboards and Anthology Drop Leaderboard Rewards here