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12:50 am ET - Reigning MVP Nikola Jokic finishes 2nd in FGM on the night, finishing with 15 -- along with a final line of 38 PTS, 18 REB & 7 AST. The first time ANYBODY in the NBA has put up a line like that this year.

12:24 am ET - No Flash Challenge implications, but the Jazz just beat the Blazers by 38. (!)

12:12 am ET - De'Aaron's just one assist away from tying for the bottom spot on the AST leaderboard, though he'd have some ground to make up in the tiebreaker (Cam Payne and Phoenix won by 19).

11:48 - How good is Nikola Jokic? With 1:30 left in the 3rd quarter, he's already got 31 PTS, 14 REB and 6 AST -- the seventh time he's done that in a game this year, most of anybody in the NBA. Oh yeah. With 13 FGM, he's now in sole possession of 4th place on the night with a full quarter to go. His 6 AST have him in striking distance, though De'Aaron Fox just jumped ahead of him with 7.

11:40 - The Joker has arrived. The reigning MVP's now tied for 5th in FGM (12), with an entire quarter left.

11:15 pm ET - Well...this could be one of those 'double-leaderboard' kind of nights for The Joker. And just in case, heads-up that if a player ends up on the FGM and AST leaderboards, you'll need 2 Moments from them.

10:55 pm ET- And now, we wait. Most of the time, Flash Challenges align so you've got a steady stream of people climbing the leaderboard all night. Right now? With all the early games over, the only player within 5 FG's of the board is Nikola Jokic, who's got 7 in the second. On the asissts side, nobody in the late games is within 5 -- yet at least.

While we're waiting, if you haven't caught up on how Thursday's All-Star releases are gonna work, see how Trade Tickets are changing the game.

10:42 pm ET - A CLUTCH bucket from Rockets rook Jalen Green seals it in OT for the Rockets, after the Lakers had pulled within 8. That's a career-high 32 for Green, who pulls into a 3-way tie for 4th on the leaderboard with LukaDeMar DeRozan. Guess what? Because of HOU's wildfire extra frame, he grabs the tiebreaker from both of them.

10:35 - OT in LA! Keep an eye on Jalen Green (11 FGM) and Russell Westbrook (10), as the Lakers & Rockets go down the stretch.

10:15 - The field goal list is starting to get crowded, with Giannis close to tying Jayson Tatum at the top. But the spot to watch is the bottom of the list, where you should start to see a traffic jam as the night goes on. Malik Beasley's currently in 5th, after a career-high and franchise-record 10 3-pointers tonight, but Luka's also at 11 with a full quarter left. Tough breaks for Beas, but at least he got to do this.

10:05 - Dejounte's now tied for the lead with D'Angelo Russell, both with 12. But if were to end this way, D-Lo would have the tiebreaker (team margin of victory) by A LOT. Wolves up 120-92 over OKC right now, thanks to a Wolves-record 10 treys from Malik Beasley.

9:50 - A deeper look at Dejounte Murray, who currently has 10 assists with an ENTIRE HALF TO PLAY. Murray's career took a bit to get going, after a (somewhat) slow start as the Spurs transitioned out of their Big 3 era -- and after a torn ACL kept him out for all of 2018-19. But in 2021-22, he's become one of the game's top two-way talents. Responsible for nearly 39 percent of the Spurs' total assists (6th in the NBA), he's also third in the league in AST/TO ratio.

9:40 - D'Angelo Russell just took sole possession of first on the assists list, with 11 on the night. Right behind him? Kyle Lowry (in the 4th) with 10, and Dejounte Murray (at HALFTIME). Keep an eye on the Spurs' first-time All-Star.

9:15 pm ET - So Tatum, who's one of the game's elite rising stars, sometimes gets accused of being a volume shooter. And since the All-Star break, he's led the whole NBA in attempted FG per game (23.8, ahead of Ja by 0.7). But he's just been making a ton of them, ranking 4th in EFG% among the league's top 10 in FGA since Feb. 21. He's been especially hitting his 3's -- he ranks 3rd in 3P FGA since All-Star (10.3), while shooting 41% from behind the arc after tonight's 6-for-9 clip. That's up 8 percentage points from his season average.

9:05 pm ET - Jayson Tatum. UP TO 39. That makes 93 combined for JT over the C's past two games -- from the league's second-leading-scorer since the All-Star break. His 14 FG's have him 5 clear of anybody else.

8:55 pm ET - Tatum's up to 28 with a night-leading 10 FTM, but keep an eye on Giannis, who's already at 7 FGM in the 2nd quarter.

Here's the Greek Freak's shot chart so far.

8:45 pm ET - Marcus Smart's having one of those nights. The C's PG leads the night with 8 dimes, coming off a 12-assist performance the last time out. If he gets to 10 assists, it'd be his first back-to-back double-digit assist nights of the year for the red-hot Celtics.

Not a layup. But it is dope.


8:30 pm ET - 90 minutes into the night, and Jayson Tatum's still on one. After dropping 54 on Sunday, the Celtics star (and rising MVP dark horse) leads the whole night with 9 FGM in the third quarter, along with a night-high 20 points so far. ICYMI, too, JT has a Moment coming in Thursday's pack releases. You can see it narrated by NBC Boston Reporter Abby Chin here .. and if you need to scoop up some Trade Tickets for tomorrow, get em here.

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