The NBA Top Shot Locker Room is being upgraded to serve as a permanent and growing sink for Moment NFTs in the Top Shot economy: 


Next week, the majority of Moments being distributed will be through a series of stress tests. Pending success of the stress tests on Tuesday, we will release NBA All-Star Elite Packs on Wednesday in two waves, followed by Standard Packs on Thursday. The first wave on both days will use Trade Tickets, followed by a normal drop after.

Here’s what’s coming >>

This Trade Ticket Stress Test will remove more than 500,000 Moments from active circulation.

To break it down…

  • These Elite Packs will remove 20 Moments
  • These Standard Packs will remove 6 Moments
  • By comparison, Series 1 Reserve Packs (available once a month for 350 Trade Tickets) remove a net of 346 Moments from circulation
  • Locker Room Packs (available for 4 Trade Tickets) remove 1 

There will be no cut-off or snapshot for Trade Tickets on this Stress Test, so anyone can trade-in Moments even after the Queue goes live in order to earn enough to participate in the Standard and Tuesday’s Elite packs, while supplies last. 

NBA Top Shot fans have the ability to bulk trade-in up to 50 Moments in their collection at once in exchange for the respective amount of tickets. 50 Moments are equivalent to 50 Trade Tickets, regardless of Moment tier. 

There is currently no way to bulk-buy new Moments from the Marketplace, but we are actively exploring ways to improve the overall experience of accumulating and using Trade Tickets. 

Tap here to start trading in your Moments >>


Our next scheduled pack drop after these will come in mid-March. This March 8-9 pack drop concludes the “Standard” and “Elite” pilot, which began with Kevin Durant’s Game Recognize Game set in early February and extended throughout our All-Star related Sets.

We intend on offering at least one more test for new Moments with Trade Tickets as a payment option during Series 3. 

Between this drop and the next drop, we will be evaluating the data and other aspects of this new approach to determine the best path forward. We’ve learned a lot from February’s tests, and see opportunities to improve and innovate in a multitude of areas, as we push to make Top Shot the very best experience it can be. If you’d like to share feedback on this pack drop format, and other aspects of the NBA Top Shot experience from February, please complete this community survey.  

To increase the lines of communication and create new avenues for you to ask questions and get answers, we are also introducing an NBA Top Shot Mailbag.

The Mailbag, available here, is open for all community members to ask questions about our current and future plans, big or small. We will not be replying to emails directly from this address, but look forward to answering questions in dedicated Twitter Spaces, chats and blog posts on a recurring basis. 

We look forward to sharing more details and timelines around what we’ve been working on, hearing from you and building the future of NBA Top Shot for you and with you.