Live Now: Celebrate and Collect NBA History

The NBA’s new all-time regular season scoring champion has a Legendary Anthology Moment coming, with only 99 to ever exist.

The top 25 collectors on LeBron's Player Leaderboard when he broke the record last night have secured theirs. Anyone who climbs into the top 25 on this Leaderboard at the time of our next snapshot on 3pm ET on February 16, 2023 will guarantee themselves one too.

All of the remaining Legendary Moments will be distributed in single-Moment packs that anyone can attempt to win.

For every $9 Celebration of Stars Hot Pack you purchase, you'll receive a single Moment pack airdropped to your collection starting on February 23, 2023.

75,000 of these $9 packs have sold since this record breaking shot at 11:58pm ET on February 7, and today at 2pm ET, the final 25,000 packs will go on sale. (UPDATE: These packs have sold out)

Each $9 pack you buy today includes 3 Moments. Starting on February 23, you'll be delivered another pack for every purchase you make that will have one Moment inside. These single-Moment packs will include either a Series 4 Base Set Moment or the LeBron James Legendary Record-Breaking Anthology Moment.

Alongside this Legendary new piece of NBA history, a collection of new Challenges and Plays are live now to celebrate the career of LeBron James, and a full schedule of exciting Top Shot activities surrounding the NBA All-Star events are on deck!

Live Now: Challenges, Plays, and More!

There are 3 Challenges to celebrate 38,388 live now, along with three different Tags you can earn by completing Plays.

  • Complete the Record Breaker Challenge to earn a Top Shot 50 Reveal Hot Pack here.
  • If you have a Top Shot Score over 38,388, you can complete The $38,388 Challenge to get your share of the prize pool here.
  • If you have a Top Shot Score over 100,000, you can complete the Series of Magnificent Events Challenge to earn five different packs for your collection that span NBA Top Shot and NBA history here.
  • All collectors can participate in Plays to earn new 38,388 Record Breaker Tags for their profile at three levels of difficulty — Rookie, Pro, and Veteran.
  • Starting today, you can share your favorite LeBron James Moments on Instagram as a Digital Collectible with the Dapper Wallet integration. 10 collectors will be randomly selected on Monday, February 13 to receive $100 in Top Shot shopping credit.

Upcoming Star-Studded Drops: Collect NBA Greatness 

At NBA All-Star, a select few of the best Moments from all of the weekend's festivities will be minted to meet demand in our 2023 All-Star Weekend Fandom Set.

These Fandom Moments will be available for direct sale on February 15, 2023, and delivered shortly after the conclusion of the weekend’s events. On the table? 

  • A Dunk Contest Highlight Reel Moment for $6
  • A Three Point Contest Highlight Reel Moment for $6 
  • A Team LeBron All-Star Game Highlight Reel Moment for $9 
  • A Team Giannis All-Star Game Highlight Reel Moment for $9
  • New Moments from each first-time All-Star to celebrate their recognition on the roster, including Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Tyrese Haliburton, Jaren Jackson Jr., and Lauri Markkanen, and any other first time NBA All-Stars added to the roster before tip-off, for $9 each

Live on February 16: Top Shot 50 Wave Two Is Revealed

The Top Shot 50 is a new Legendary collection in Series 4 designed to encapsulate the 50 players that define the 2022-23 NBA season and the Moments that highlight their greatness.

NBA players from the NBPA’s executive committee and team reps are voting for their peers, bestowing upon them a level of respect and recognition that’s unparalleled in NBA history.

To kick-off All-Star Weekend, on February 16, the next 10 of 50 players in the inaugural class of the Top Shot 50 are being recognized for their greatness by their peers in the NBPA voting body. You can view the first 10 and their best plays of the season and vote for your favorites here.

In March, the introduction of Legendary Rookie Revelations Moments and the continuation of our Rare Metallic Gold LE Set. More details about these Legendary and Rare drops will be revealed as they grow closer. The NBA is loaded with talent, from this year’s Rookie class to the most established veterans rewriting the record books.

This month, we celebrate all the stars, with plenty of surprises along the way.