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In the lead up to my Twitter Spaces AMA today, I wanted to come out with a few important announcements so everyone gets the information at the same time and in one place. 

Here’s a summary picture, focused on several key pillars: scarcity, guaranteed rarity packs, product roadmap updates, community rewards, and… the TopShotVerse!

Let’s dive in. 

NFTs on NBA Top Shot range in rarity: from a mint count of 99 or less for Legendaries up to 60,000+ for some recent Common Base Set Moments in the 2021-2022 season (S3). Fandom Moments are made to order.

Going forward, Common supply will be reduced as well:

  1. Every existing 60,000+ Circulating Count Moment in our Base Set will be made a Limited Edition Moment, effective immediately.

  2. For the rest of the season, no new Commons will have a mint count exceeding 30k.

  3. Rookies who made the Rising Stars roster will be limited to just one Base Set Moment (their Top Shot Debuts) in Series 3. 

As a reminder, Legendary Moments in Series 3 are already hard-limited to a mint count of 99 per play –– as well as fewer than 10,000 individual NFTs per series. This means Legendary Top Shots are extremely rare: only ~0.09% of all Moments (Rares are ~1.72%). 

Back by popular demand and here to stay: packs with guaranteed rarity. These packs are awesome because you know if you’re getting a Common, Rare, or Legendary –– but heads up: they can be hard to get. 

Next week we’ll see a Rare pack drop with a Priority Queue only available to fans who have built up a significant Collector Score and/or net spend on the Marketplace. We’ll have several exciting and ultra limited Rare and Legendary drops to wrap up Series 3 that will have Collector Score gates around the Priority Queue as well.

Eagle-eyed fans will have noticed a significant Marketplace bonus applied to Collector Score calculations every recent pack drop: you can expect spend on Moments purchased from the Marketplace to become an integral part of Collector Score in the near future. In other words: high-value Moments from the Marketplace will automatically have higher Collector Score bonuses. Collector Score should reward you for collecting what you love, no matter what it is. 

Blended rarity packs will remain available, including for Trade Tickets, with a twist: we are introducing $9 packs that will include 3 guaranteed Moments, including a chance of hitting a Rare or Legendary. These will replace our previous $9 Base Set packs (which contained 3 guaranteed Base Set Moments and zero chance of hitting a Rare or Legendary). 

You’ve already seen major upgrades to Challenges go live, as well as the permanent ability to send any Moment NFT to a non-custodial wallet. Coming up soon, we’ve been working on new features for NBA Top Shot and can’t wait to unveil them:

  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR PROFILE: New and robust ways to organize and celebrate your collection have been in active development and are on-track to go live before the end of April. We’re just getting started here so hit us with feedback. Our goal is for your Top Shot profile to represent your NBA fandom in every way. 
  • OFFERS / BIDS (ALPHA): Offers will add liquidity and price discovery to the Marketplace –– not to mention they’re a lot of fun. Already into development, Offers will roll out in a very limited format within Dapper Wallet before the NBA Finals begins. Eventually the feature will be very powerful and integrated into the main site, letting fans bid directly for any Top Shot Moment (or range of serials) of a particular play. 
  • CRAFTING CHALLENGES: Don’t quote us on the name, but this will be a new type of feature in NBA Top Shot where fans permanently lock a number of Moments meeting given criteria in exchange for ultra-limited rewards. This feature will result in making some of the most desirable Moments on the platform even rarer. 
  • FLOW COIN SUPPORT: Within the Spring, fans will be able to deposit as well as store their Dapper Balance directly in FLOW, the native cryptocurrency of the Flow blockchain. There will also be ways for the Dapper community to earn FLOW for contributing to the ecosystem. Stay tuned for more.

Importantly, we’ve also greatly improved the payment infrastructure backing NBA Top Shot: most deposits and more than 90% of withdrawals are instant, with the vast majority of the remainder processed within a day or two. Deposit limits are expanded to $1M per day, withdrawal limits catching up at $500k per day. We also now support more payment methods: wire transfer and ACH as well as credit cards and multiple cryptocurrencies.  More to come soon.

NBA Top Shot is the future of fandom –– and we have a lot planned for this season and beyond: 

  • ACCESS UNLOCKED AND TICKETS: In partnership with the NBA and your favorite teams, we are curating incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experiences for our biggest (and luckiest) fans. You can expect at least three more Access Unlocked events for this NBA postseason, with different eligibility criteria to cover every fan. We have also secured a large block of tickets for the Playoffs this year – stay tuned for more!  
  • TEAM DISCORD COMMUNITIES: Starting this week, NBA legends will be participating in Discord AMAs with fans: Robert Horry will be our first athlete to join us, and more will be announced soon. In addition, each Team Discord Channel will nominate Team Captains to receive a grant from NBA Top Shot during NBA Playoffs to organize meetups, giveaways, and more. To join, get your hands on a complete team from any series and then jump into Discord.
  • NBA LEAGUE PASS, INTERNATIONAL FIRST: NBA League Pass is the NBA's subscription-based product that gives fans access to games, live and on-demand, for the entire season. International League Pass provides access to all NBA games played during the regular season, NBA All-Star, Playoffs, and Finals, free from blackout restrictions. International League Pass will be available to eligible NBA Top Shot members this season based on net spend on Moments owned – details coming in the next few weeks. Starting next season, NBA League Pass benefits will be available to qualifying US-based fans as well. 

On the horizon, there are a few more things we’re super excited about: 

  • SPEND-BASED REWARDS: Fans should collect what they love on Top Shot –– and be rewarded for it. That’s why we’re working through making special benefits available exclusively to NBA Top Shot members based on your net spend on the platform, with no limit. Rewards will be digital and physical including merchandise, tickets, and “money can’t buy” experiences, accessible through a new storefront on the site coming soon. 
  • TOP SHOT ON THE ROAD: The Kiosk experience you saw at Summer League is not ready for mainstream adoption yet –– once it is, you’ll see us set up a physical footprint at NBA arenas around the country. Until then, we will have a physical presence at relevant spots for both trading card collectors and the NFT crowd, starting with Mint Collective in Las Vegas later this month. We plan to make our presence felt at other festivals and conventions as well. Want to come help? Hit us up at mailbag@nbatopshot.com with your ideas. 
  • TOP SHOT CONVENTION: The last time we got together was in New York –– but this time we’re going to go bigger, bringing fans together through what we aim to turn into an annual tradition –– with player meet and greets, special Convention Packs, limited edition merch available for Trade Tickets and so much more. This will be the kind of event you can bring friends and family to. I heard something about a dunk tank… 

We already have a network of awesome apps and communities being built around or compatible with NBA Top Shot including, MomentRanks, Evaluate.Market, LiveToken, Infinite Objects, as well as non-custodial apps on Flow including BloctoBay, Blocto wallet, and many more.

Both Dapper Wallet and Flow are open for anyone to build on top of –– so we are leaning in to supercharge this momentum: 

  • We are building a full-time team led by the former Head of Product of one of Ethereum’s most groundbreaking decentralized apps to support the ecosystem and jump-start new builders. Are you a builder or community manager interested in creating something on Flow? Follow / contact them at @sports_web3.
  • Dapper Labs has teamed up with the Flow Foundation to dedicate at least $10,000,000 in USD and FLOW in the next 3 months to support existing success stories as well as new builders making cool stuff for Top Shot NFT owners. Have an idea for an app, smart contract or other product for the Top Shot community? Pitch us on Twitter: @sports_web3 or @roham –– the three best proposals will receive $100k in seed financing and assistance from Dapper Labs and myself directly to build out the vision.
  • This is in addition and in advance of a new program to be announced soon by the Flow Foundation dedicating hundreds of millions of funds from DAOs as well as the world’s top venture capital firms to teams building on Flow. Special focus will be on gaming and social play, creating new ways for NFT owners to have fun with their stuff. Stay tuned for more. 

Listen to Twitter Spaces recording here: