It was 90 minutes into my first day on the NBA Top Shot marketing team when I had to turn the video camera off in a team meeting because I couldn’t keep my cool. I was grinning ear to ear, practically giggling, at all the information I was hearing. My meeting notes include…

  • Redacted
  • Redacted?

The Top Shot collector in me is still alive, nestled into my DNA, even if my ability to rip packs and build my collection's on the back burner. And because today's my first day at Dapper, I felt like I had to share something with the community. I don't know how often these will happen, or if we'll even do it again, but it didn’t seem right not to celebrate Day 1.

Everything I learned today is classified, of course. And I’m sure you understand why I can’t tell you what I learned, but rest assured you’ll hear about it soon enough. In days, in weeks, in months, the things I heard will shift from private to public, and I think your reaction will align with mine. A smile of delight. The sudden urge to open a window and shout WAGMI at the top of your lungs. 

I’m thrilled for what’s in the pipeline for the community, and overjoyed that now I get to work with the passionate and talented people on the team here to help bring all of it to life for you. 

While that’s a tease of what I can’t tell you, here are some of the things I am at liberty to share! For starters, do you remember that roadmap of packs outlined at the beginning of S3? Well, a few are coming sooner than you may think.

There are also more challenges coming, like tonight’s “Protect The Rock” Flash Challenge and the new Trae Young MGLE Challenge, offering fans the chance at a Handles Moment worthy of being in the company of his S1 ankle breakers.  

As the week unfolds, there will be more opportunities to earn packs and new Moments, too. More of that player-specific pack art we’ve quickly grown to love is coming, although I can’t quite reveal which player will be in the spotlight just yet. 

I can also tell you that December 2021 has the second most monthly transactions, 1.37 million, of any month in Top Shot history -- more than January, February or March of 2021. That’s a lot of Moments changing hands and finding their homes with new fans. 

To all the fans out there, I look forward to what’s coming, and you should too. I will try to give you a glimpse behind the scenes at life on the other side, as a member of the Top Shot team, whenever I can.

See you soon.