The NBA Playoffs are in full swing, and Redemptions season is picking up. As the First Round concludes this weekend and Second Round festivities begin, we're seeing some new questions around Redemptions that we want to provide clarity around.  Let's get right into it, and for more about Redemptions, check out our latest video: 

Will the Redemptions of 2023 NBA Champions get a Championship Badge? Will the Redemption of the NBA MVP get an MVP Badge?

The answer to both questions is yes. 

  • The Player Redemption (and corresponding 2023 Playoffs Moments) of the championship team will have a Championship Badge.
  • The Wildcard Redemption (and corresponding 2023 Playoffs Moments) of a championship team will have a Championship Badge.
  • The NBA regular season MVP’s Redemption (and corresponding 2023 Playoffs Moments) will have an MVP Badge. 
  • If any rookie receives a Moment in the NBA Playoffs, they will receive appropriate Rookie Badges.

Will the Redemptions of 2023 NBA Champions get Crafting / Challenge Reward Indicators?

  • No, Moments that are redeemed via Redemptions will not come with indicators. The 2023 NBA Champion Challenge, however, will come with a Challenge Reward Indicator after the NBA Playoffs wrap.

What happens to a Team Wildcard after the Redemption Window closes?

For a team that advances to the next round, you can use that same Team Wildcard Redemption to redeem a later round Moment from the team. 

For teams that get eliminated, the Wildcard Redemption is yours to keep as a collectible, but will not be redeemable for a Moment once the respective team’s Redemption Window closes. This collectible will not correspond to any Player Leaderboards or specific player Challenge slots, but will correspond to the Team’s Leaderboard or any general team Challenge slots. 

I redeemed a Moment and it wasn’t in my collection afterwards, how come?

After you redeem your Redemption for a Moment, the Moment will be sent to you in a Pack as soon as possible after the Redemption Window for the team closes.

Can the same player be featured as a Wildcard in multiple rounds? For example, can Tyrese Maxey be the 76ers’ Moment in Round 2 after he was the 76ers’ Moment in Round 1?

Yes, a player can be the team’s Wildcard multiple times during the Playoffs if their performance is worthy of recognition. 

Why do some Redemptions only show Pack Art, while others show the Moment you're redeeming for?

While we try to make all Moments viewable as soon as a Redemption Window opens, there are some cases in which that Moment is still getting its finishing touches, and isn't quite viewable yet. In all cases, we are aiming to ensure collectors will have an opportunity to view the Moment before the Redemption Window closes, so collectors can see exactly what they're redeeming their Redemption for.

How can I keep track of how many Redemptions there are?

Before Redeeming a Moment, you should be able to see how many other Redemptions have been redeemed by looking at the bottom of each play in the Redemptions Hub. This tally will continuously update to provide clarity to the current mint count of the Moment.

After Redeeming a Moment, you will be able to confirm your Moment has been redeemed via a green tally in the top left of the play in the Redemptions Hub, confirming how many Moments you've redeemed:


Redemptions are a brand new type of collectible on NBA Top Shot designed to create a fun experience for the 2023 NBA Playoffs. 

With the first and only Playoffs Packs with Redemptions dropping on April 17, our community is excited and curious to learn more about this new approach to collecting during the Playoffs. 

In this Mailbag, we’ll answer questions we’ve seen pop-up across social media, Discord, and mailbag@nbatopshot.com

Which Sets are Redemptions and Playoffs Moments in?

Redemptions exist in The Champion’s Path Set, and when redeemed, they create Common Moments in the 2023 NBA Playoffs Set. 

The Champion’s Path Set (48 Redemptions) and 2023 NBA Playoffs Set (91 Common Moments) can each be collected and completed.

The 2023 NBA Championship Reel, earned by completing the The Champion's Challenge, is the 91st Common Moment in the 2023 NBA Playoffs Set.

What happens to a player’s Redemption if they get injured and miss some, or all, of the games in a Playoffs series? 

If a player doesn’t play in a given series (due to injury, or otherwise), their corresponding Redemption will become an additional team Wildcard for the round(s) that are affected by their absence.

If a player starts a series but does not complete it (due to injury, or otherwise), the Top Shot team will communicate whether that player’s Redemption will act as an additional team Wildcard, like the above circumstance, or if there was enough on-court action from that player to create a compelling and collectible Moment.

Can a Redemption be redeemed in any round of the Playoffs? If I have a First Round Moment, can I redeem it for a NBA Finals Moment?

Redemptions can be used to redeem a Moment from any round of the NBA Playoffs for the player (ex. Klay Thompson Player Redemption) or team (ex. Golden State Warriors Wildcard Redemption) they belong to. 

The Redemption you find in your Packs on April 17 or purchase in the Marketplace can be used in the First Round, Conference Semifinals, Conference Finals, and NBA Finals, so long as that team is still playing in that round. 

When you use a Redemption, it is permanently destroyed. You receive the Moment in its place. 

If you use your Redemption in the First Round, the Moment you receive can also be used to redeem that player’s Conference Semifinals Moment. 

You’d lose your First Round Moment and gain a Conference Semifinals Moment. 

That Conference Semifinals Moment is yours to keep, and if the team advances, it can be used to redeem that player’s Conference Finals Moment, and so on, for the NBA Finals. 

However, you cannot use a First Round Moment to redeem a Conference Finals or NBA Finals Moment.

Quite simply: 

Redemption OR Round 1 -> Round 2 Moments

Redemption OR Round 2 -> Round 3 Moments

Redemption OR Round 3 -> Round 4 Moments

You cannot redeem a Round 1 Moment -> Round 3 Moment

For these reasons, if you believe a team will advance deep into the Playoffs and want to own one of each of their Moments, you can collect multiple Redemptions for that player — giving you direct access to own one of every amazing play they make, rather than trading and sacrificing one for the next.

How do Wildcards work? For example, as a Golden State Warriors fan, if Jordan Poole is the Wildcard in the First Round and Andrew Wiggins is the Wildcard in the Conference Semifinals, what are my options? 

A Wildcard Redemption can be used in any round of the Playoffs for the team they represent. 

The Moment created using your Wildcard can be redeemed 1:1 for the Wildcard Moment of that team’s player in the subsequent round.

So, hypothetically, a First Round Jordan Poole Moment could be used to redeem a Conference Semifinals Andrew Wiggins Moment, and a Conference Semifinals Andrew Wiggins Moment could be used to redeem a Conference Finals Draymond Green Moment. 

If they prove themselves worthy on the court and create unforgettable highlights worthy of becoming a Moment, a player can be a Wildcard more than once during the 2023 NBA Playoffs.

When are Drop details for The Champion’s Path Packs featuring Redemptions being released? 

All details specific to purchase limits, Total Drop Score benefits, the Redemptions Rosters for each Playoffs team, and which Common Moments are in Packs alongside the Redemptions will be released later this week in advance of the April 17 Drop date. The Drop will take place at 1 PM ET. 

Are all Redemptions for all players getting distributed in the 4/17 drops? 

Our intention is to get close to full distribution of the Redemptions supply in April, prior to the conclusion of the First Round.

UPDATE: Any unsold Packs on April 30, 2023, at 7 PM ET will be burned, reducing the overall supply of all the Moments and Redemptions inside of them. A portion of the Packs containing Redemptions will be distributed to collectors who locked complete Sets prior to January 5, 2023."

Will there be any other ways to earn Redemptions besides Packs? 

No. Redemptions will only come in Packs. They can also be purchased in the Marketplace. 

There will be Challenges, Leaderboards, and Plays to complete throughout the Playoffs, but the prizes for these games and contests will not be Redemptions. 

How do I qualify for the NBA Finals Experience Sweepstakes? 

Every NBA Top Shot Pack you purchase from April 11 through April 30 will give you one entry into the NBA Finals Experience Sweepstakes. The Sweepstakes is open to all collectors, domestic and international.

The price of a pack does not determine the number of entries you receive. One purchase is one entry, no matter the cost. 

Locker Packs are NOT eligible. New collectors can earn eligibility with Starter Pack purchases.

At the end of April, every new and existing collector will have their total Pack purchase number tallied, and be entered into a random drawing. See official rules here.

How much time do I have to use a Redemption to redeem a Playoffs Moment?

Each Redemption window will start and end based on the outcome of each Playoffs series, to be as real-time as possible. 

Redemption windows for each Playoffs series will open within 48 hours of that Playoffs series ending, at the absolute latest. We’ll provide the Redemption window end time at the time of each individual launch, but you can typically expect them to be open for 48-96 hours.  

When a Redemption window begins, the Moment that you can redeem will be identified, so you can make an informed decision and know what you’re going to get.

Are Redemptions limited to 1 per person? 

No, unlike a traditional Challenge, there is no limit to how many times a collector can use their Redemptions to redeem Playoffs Moments. 

When you use a Klay Thompson Redemption, you craft your Redemption for his 2023 NBA Playoffs Moment. 

If you have 10 Klay Thompson Redemptions, you can craft 5 Redemptions for 5 of his 2023 NBA Playoffs Moments from the First Round, and save the rest for the future (if the Warriors advance), or use all 10 Redemptions to redeem 10 2023 NBA Playoffs Moments from the First Round.

At the end of the timer, the total number of completions will be verified, and that round’s 2023 NBA Playoffs Moment will be minted and distributed to eligible collectors. 

Will all Playoffs teams have a Playoffs Moment? When will they be distributed?

Yes. All 16 teams in the NBA Playoffs will have 3 Playoffs Moments in the First Round. If they advance, the 2 star players and 1 Wildcard player will continue to have one Moment per round, for as far as they advance in the NBA Playoffs. As a reminder, the Wildcard player can change round to round. 

Will every Moment be a single Play? 

We’ll let the action on the court dictate the outcome of what becomes a Moment. It’s possible that a player’s Moment is a Reel, or that a Wildcard Moment ends up being attributed to a team instead of a player! 

How does the Champion’s Challenge work?

To complete the 2023 Champion’s Challenge, you must collect and lock all 12 Moments + 3 Unique Redemptions of the team that wins the 2023 NBA Finals.

The Champion's Challenge can only be completed once per collector.

By completing the Challenge and locking the required Moments and Redemptions, you’ll earn a limited edition Challenge Reward — featuring a highlight reel of the championship team’s postseason journey.

Here’s an example if the Golden State Warriors hypothetically defended their championship. To earn the Champion’s Challenge Team Reel Reward you would need to own and lock:

  • 1x Steph Curry Redemption
  • 1x Steph Curry Round 1 Playoff Moment
  • 1x Steph Curry Conference Semifinals Moment
  • 1x Steph Curry Conference Finals Moment
  • 1x Steph Curry NBA Finals Moment

  • 1x Klay Thompson Redemption
  • 1x Klay Thompson Round 1 Playoff Moment
  • 1x Klay Thompson Conference Semifinals Moment
  • 1x Klay Thompson Conference Finals Moment
  • 1x Klay Thompson NBA Finals Moment

  • 1x Wild Card Redemption
  • 1x Wild Card Round 1 Playoff Moment (from a Warrior who’s not Steph or Klay)
  • 1x Wild Card Conference Semifinals Moment ((from a Warrior who’s not Steph or Klay)
  • 1x Wild Card Conference Finals Moment (from a Warrior who’s not Steph or Klay)
  • 1x Wild Card NBA Finals Moment (from a Warrior who’s not Steph or Klay)

Only once the Larry O’Brien Trophy has been awarded we will know who the deserving Champions are.

Inspired by our friends from the Badge County community and podcast, here’s a graphic to help paint the picture:

What can I do with my Redemptions after the 2023 NBA Playoffs end? 

Owning 3 Redemptions from the championship team will be essential to complete the 2023 NBA Champion’s Challenge (alongside all 12 2023 NBA Playoffs Moments featuring the team that wins the NBA Finals). 

Collectors can also complete The Champion’s Path Set by owning all 48 Redemptions. 

Collectors can use their Redemptions in Challenges, on that player’s Leaderboard, or exchange them for a Trade Ticket.

Collectors should not expect to be able to “use” Redemptions in unique ways following the conclusion of the 2023 NBA Playoffs.

From the perspective of NBA Top Shot history, Redemptions are first-of-their-kind collectibles that certain collectors may find interesting over the long-term as a relic of the 2023 Playoffs.

Will Redemptions affect my Team Checklists?

Completing a Series 4 Team Checklist will not require Redemptions. You can complete a Team Checklist with any Moment from the players on these teams. 

Can you gift Redemptions?

Yes, Redemptions can be given and received as gifts, using all the same options as the current gifting feature for Moments.  

Can you make Offers on Redemptions?

Yes, Redemptions will exist in Top Shot’s Marketplace with the same features and functionality as Moments. You can list them for sale, buy them from other collectors, make offers on them, and accept offers for them. 

During the 2023 NBA Playoffs, Redemptions will have a dedicated Marketplace to easily navigate and shop. After the 2023 NBA Playoffs, any Redemptions can be listed, bought, or sold from Top Shot’s standard Marketplace.

What happens if you lock your Redemption during the Playoffs?

Because you can’t craft locked collectibles, locking your Redemptions will prevent you from being able to craft your Redemption into a 2023 Playoffs Moment. Locked Redemptions from eligible teams/players can still be used for the Champion's Challenge. 

Will Redemptions have serial numbers? Will the Moments we redeem have serial numbers? 

Redemptions in The Champion’s Path Set and Moments in the 2023 NBA Playoffs Set will have serial numbers. 

Redemptions will have random serial numbers in each Pack. 

The Moments you redeem using your Redemptions will also have random serial numbers.

There is no direct relationship between the serial number of your Redemption and the 2023 NBA Playoffs Moment you receive.

We'll see you on April 17 for The Champion's Path Pack Drop and formal introduction of Redemptions to Top Shot, and look forward to experiencing the 2023 NBA Playoffs together!