One of the most exciting parts of joining the NBA Top Shot community is getting an opportunity to open your very first pack because nothing beats the reveal of those first memorable Moments in your all-new collection.

By registering for an NBA Top Shot account, you’re already halfway there! Here’s what you’ll do next to put yourself in position to open your very first pack at the very first possible opportunity. 

Step 1: NBA Top Shot collectors can reserve themselves a pack in the next Base Set pack drop by visiting our reservation page and officially clicking to reserve a spot. (Limited to new collectors who've only purchased 0 or 1 packs to date)

Step 2: A few days later, when the Moments are minted and hot off the presses, you’ll return to pay for and claim your pack.

The two-step process is as straightforward as it sounds - you’ll be opening a pack in no time - but we’ll send notification emails to help guide you through the process. 

In the meantime, you can start familiarizing yourself with NBA Top Shot and all of the available Moments in the Marketplace or seek out like-minded collectors sharing their own NBA Top Shot experiences on YouTube, Twitter, Discord and more.

The NBA Top Shot reservation system is geared toward making Base Set packs accessible to all users. Reservations are a great way for new users to start their collections but collectors of all experience levels are encouraged to do the same.

*Please note that while all collectors are eligible to reserve packs, our compliance team will ensure that only accounts in good standing will be permitted to purchase packs when the purchase window opens. Remember that each collector may only have a single NBA Top Shot account.

Base Set Key Stats

  • Moments in Pack: 3
  • Packs per Collector: 1
  • Cost per Pack: $9 USD

Due to the dynamic nature of our Base Set, the exact Moments available in each pack drop will change from drop to drop. We’ll be sure to include details about which Moments are available in a particular drop at the time of purchase.