Last week, more than a million Moment™ NFTs were permanently removed from circulation through two groundbreaking pack releases. 

This week, the Locker Room will remove 500,000+ more Moments from circulation forever. 


  • New Rare and Legendary Moments are coming in packs on Thursday, March 17, alongside Fresh Threads Moments from players traded at the Trade Deadline.
  • Elite Packs will only be available via Trade Tickets (25).
  • Additionally, the majority of Standard Packs will only be available via Trade Tickets.
  • We will be returning to traditional drops with guaranteed LE Moments later this month.
  • Watch the video above for every epic story from the drop, and get your Trade Tickets here.


Get your Trade Tickets ready. 

New packs featuring Legendary and Rare Moments from Jaylen Brown, Bam Adebayo, DeAndre Ayton, Ja Morant, Ayo Dosunmu and RJ Barrett, along with Moments featuring players who were traded at the deadline, are dropping on Thursday, March 17. 

On Thursday at 10am PDT, we’ll be releasing ALL of our Elite Packs via Trade Tickets. These packs will cost 25 Trade Tickets each and will only be available to fans with a Collector Score of 4,000+.

Learning from February’s Elite Pack drops, we’re beefing up these packs to contain two guaranteed Limited Edition Moments. 

One of the five slots in the pack will be a guaranteed Limited Edition Fresh Threads, while the other will come with a chance of being either a Legendary, a Rare or a second Fresh Threads Moment. 

In addition to the Elite Packs, a majority of the Standard Packs we’re releasing on Thursday will only be purchasable via Trade Tickets as well. These packs will cost 7 Trade Tickets to purchase.

To accommodate new fans coming to Top Shot for the first time who are unfamiliar with Trade Tickets, we will also be making 25,000 additional Standard Packs available for sale on Thursday at 2pm PDT for $14 each. These Standard Packs will contain 3 Moments, with a chance of one being a Legendary, Rare or Fresh Threads LE Moment. 

Tap here to get up to speed on Trade Tickets, and keep reading for details on what's inside and when you can expect to get your packs.

Want to trade in your Moments for Trade Tickets? Tap here.

Airdrops and Collector Score

You are not guaranteed a pack by accumulating the Trade Tickets needed to purchase one. It is possible that the number of qualified NBA Top Shot fans in the Queue for a given drop will exceed the number of packs available. 

To continue our commitment of rewarding complete set holders during Series 3, free packs will be delivered via airdrop. 

Collectors will receive 3 Elite Packs for each Complete Set they hold from Holo MMXX, Holo Icon S2 and Holo Icon S3. 

Collectors will receive 1 Elite Pack for each Complete Set they hold from Metallic Gold S1, Metallic Gold LE S2 and Metallic Gold LE S3. 

Collectors will receive 1 Standard Pack for each Complete Set they hold from Base S1 S1, Base Set S2, Base Set S3 and Fresh Threads. 

If you own two copies from one of the above sets (Fresh Threads 2X, for example) you won’t receive double the airdrop

The snapshot for these airdrops was conducted at 9am PDT on Monday, March 14, 2022. 

These packs will be delivered before or during the respective Standard or Elite Pack drops.

Elite NBA All-Star Pack Collector Score Requirements*

  • 4,000 or higher: 1 pack per transaction
  • 20,000 or higher: 2 packs per transaction 
  • 50,000 or higher: 3 packs per transaction 
  • 100,000 or higher: 4 packs per transaction

​​*Please note that trading-in any Moment will lower your Collector Score. When you begin the trade-in process, it will show you the changes in Collector Score before you trade-in your Moment for a Trade Ticket. 

Standard NBA All-Star Pack Collector Score Requirements‍

  • 0 or higher: 1 packs per transaction
  • 1,000 or higher: 2 packs per transaction 
  • 3,000 or higher: 3 packs per transaction
  • 5,000 or higher: 4 packs per transaction

Additional details about each pack drop can be found on the Standard and Elite Pack Pages. 


In the coming weeks, expect the return of Throwdowns, a Rare set with a selection of the greatest dunks from the the season. In addition, the debut of new Common and Rare Sets, and traditional NBA Top Shot Pack drops with guaranteed Moments from the set they represent. 

This Saturday, a Q&A with our CEO, Roham Gharegozlou on Twitter Spaces

We’ll see you at this week’s pack drop and look forward to sharing more with you this Saturday.