Paolo Banchero has taken the NBA world by storm, stringing together one of the most impressive Rookie seasons in recent history. It was only last summer that NBA Top Shot collectors got to spend the afternoon with him in New York prior to the NBA Draft, and now, all eyes are on him as he makes a push for Rookie of the Year honors with the Orlando Magic. 

On March 3, his MGLE Challenge went live, offering collectors the opportunity to earn his Rare MGLE Moment by locking Series 4 MGLE Moments from any 6 of the following 9 players: Cam Thomas, Jaylen Brown, Nikola Jokić, Jalen Duren, Jalen Green, Anthony Davis, Josh Giddey, Franz Wagner, and Zion Williamson.

Because this is Banchero’s first Rare Moment of Series 4, and it’s available as a Challenge Reward, a healthy discussion has occurred across our community about what future Banchero collectibles may be coming as the rest of this NBA season unfolds on Top Shot. 

More specifically, whether collectors should expect more Rare Paolo Banchero Moments to come in packs as parts of other Sets. 

Today we are happy to clarify any uncertainty around upcoming Moments and supply specific to Paolo Banchero and other fellow Rookies during the Regular Season.

We hope this information is helpful to you as you make collecting decisions, or in choosing to complete the Metallic Gold Challenge while it's still active until 4pm ET on March 7, 2023.

Paolo Banchero WILL NOT have any other Rare Moments sold in Packs or as Challenge Rewards in Series 4. 

To be clear, other NBA Rookies are also limited to one Rare Moment (MAX) from the NBA Regular Season, not including Leaderboard Rewards. So far, the following Rookies have received a Rare Moment in Series 4:

  • Jalen Duren (MGLE)
  • Andrew Nembhard (For The Win)
  • AJ Griffin (For The Win, Challenge Reward)
  • Jabari Smith Jr. (MGLE) 

None of these Rookies will have any other Rare Moments from the Regular Season sold in Packs or as Challenge Rewards in Series 4. 

Paolo Banchero’s entire planned Regular Season Series 4 supply is as follows: 



  • There will not be a Paolo Banchero Fandom Moment.

  • As shared in our January 2023 Mailbag, Rookies who appear in the “Rookie Debut” Set will not be used as Rewards in “The Challenge” Fandom Set. 


  • (If He Makes The Team) All-Rookie First-Team Player Leaderboard Reward Moment: /150 Mint Count (Distributed to Player Leaderboard Paolo Banchero Holders, as detailed in our February 2023 Mailbag). 


  • Rookie Revelation Moment: /75 Mint Count (Available In Packs, When Released).

  • (If He Wins) Rookie of the Year Leaderboard Reward: /50 (Distributed to Eligible Player Leaderboard Paolo Banchero Holders, as detailed in our February 2023 Mailbag).

  • *(If elected by the NBPA)* Top Shot 50: (Challenge Reward, When Released). 

We’re looking forward to sharing our Playoff plans with you as the end of the Regular Season approaches — and naturally, if a Rookie is on a team that makes the Playoffs, it is possible they may receive another Moment if their performance in the Playoffs is deserving of one.

We hope this information is helpful as you make collecting decisions around Paolo Banchero and other Rookies

Thank you for your enthusiasm and curiosity surrounding one of the most exciting prospects in recent NBA history!