Welcome to the NBA Top Shot February Community Mailbag!

Since releasing our January Mailbag, which provided updates on Rookie Moments, Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Series 1 Metallic Gold LE TSD, Locker Packs, Challenges, Set Rewards, Top Shot Score, Supply, Parallels, and the Pack Marketplace, we’ve received more questions from our community that we’re excited to answer today. 

Over the last month, we’ve started testing the all-new NBA Top Shot app (join the Waitlist), celebrated NBA scoring history, revealed the second wave of the Top Shot 50, launched All-Star and Rising Stars Leaderboards, and celebrated the NBA All-Star events with exciting new Moments now available in the Marketplace.

There’s a lot more work to do, and we’re back with another round of updates for you. 

In our February 2023 Community Mailbag, you’ll find updates about the NBA Top Shot App, Top Shot Score Utility, Team and Player Leaderboard Rewards, Supply Rules and Restrictions, Series 5 Supply, In-Arena Activations, Anthology Moments, Leadership Updates, and Current Events.  

When you have additional questions, let us know at mailbag@nbatopshot.com

I recently downloaded the NBA Top Shot App and think it’s pretty awesome. When should we expect all collectors to have App access, and do you envision features like the Marketplace to come to the App eventually? 

Within the next few months, all collectors will have App access. That includes our friends using Android devices in the coming weeks — with VIP and NLL members receiving Android access today (March 1, 2023).

Additionally, we will be unveiling new versions of the App along with new features as the NBA season continues to unfold. 

We are taking community feedback to make the App as exciting and helpful as possible. Features like a browsable Marketplace are in progress. 

The App will add features iteratively as we progress to a mobile-first experience in 2023 and beyond. Join the Waitlist here.

I love Top Shot, but it’s almost like a full-time job trying to keep up with everything happening. Do you have plans to make it easier to follow? 

Yes, on two fronts. First, a revamped notification system is being designed within the Mobile App that will let every collector choose the kinds of updates they want to receive. 

Second, we’re making strides toward clear, transparent systems when it comes to Top Shot Score, Leaderboard Rewards, Sets, and tiers –– which we can begin to dive into now.

Top Shot Score (TSS) and Upcoming Rare + Legendary Drops

Collectors earn TSS for every Moment they add to their collection. Every Top Shot Moment is assigned a Top Shot Score based on the dollar cost paid to purchase in the official Marketplace, multiplied by 10. Buy a Moment for $20 and your TSS will increase by 200 as long as you hold onto that Moment.

TSS helps collectors gain eligibility for priority access to our most in-demand drops, featuring Rare and Legendary Moments. 

90% of our guaranteed Legendary Packs and guaranteed Metallic Gold LE (MGLE) Packs will be set aside for priority access to top collectors, based on their Top Shot Score and the related Total Drop Score (Top Shot Score + Early Adopter Bonus), while supplies last. 

Rookie Revelation (Legendary) and Top Shot 50 (Legendary) Packs will both cost $499, and both Packs will offer Credit Back (Per Pack) based on your Top Drop Score.

Priority Access for Rookie Revelation and Top Shot 50 will starts at 100K TDS, with promotions beginning at 500K TDS and even higher priority access starting at 1MM+ TDS.

Our flagship MGLE Rare Packs (also known as Premium Packs) in Series 4 cost $69. For upcoming MGLE Pack Drops, Credit Back (Per Pack) will be available based on your Top Shot Score and the related Total Drop Score. 

Earning priority access for our current and upcoming MGLE drops will start at 25K TDS, with credit back promotions beginning at 50K TDS and higher priority starting at 200K TDS.

Top collectors will be able to try for a Metallic Gold LE pack right now, with Rare and Legendary Pack Drops also coming in March and April.

Top Shot Score (TSS) and Upcoming Leaderboard Rewards

In addition to priority access to highly coveted packs, TSS is also used to climb Team and Player Leaderboards.

By locking Moments in your collection for 365 days, their corresponding TSS will help you climb up Leaderboards. Beyond the bragging rights of being a top collector, these Leaderboards also earn top collectors exclusive rewards throughout the season, outlined below. Watch your rank increase and stand above the rest. 

Series 4 Team Leaderboard Rewards

In Series 4, we laid out a plan for four distinct NBA Team Leaderboard Rewards, two of which have already been delivered:

  • Dynamic Duos, limited to the top 750 on each team’s Leaderboard.

  • Clamps, limited to the top 1500 on each team’s Leaderboard. 

Today we are happy to share details about the third and fourth Team Leaderboard Rewards:

  • Starting in March, the Top 250 collectors on each Team Leaderboard will receive a new Rare Team Highlight Reel Moment, minted to 250, that celebrates an incredible season of NBA jerseys and uniforms. This will be a blind snapshot in March, with the distribution of the Rewards following shortly after.  
  • In the summer, the Top 50 collectors on each Team Leaderboard will receive a new Legendary Team Leaderboard Reward, minted to 50, that commemorates the best highlights of each team’s season. This will be a blind snapshot in May or June, with the distribution of the Rewards following shortly after. 

Series 4 Player Leaderboard Rewards

This summer, exclusive end-of-season Moments will be distributed to commemorate NBA accolades for the 15 players who make the three All-NBA teams, as well as the 5 players who earn the All-Rookie 1st Team and 5 players who earn the All-Defensive 1st Team recognition.

The Most Valuable Player, Rookie of the Year, and Defensive Player of the Year will also be recognized with Player Leaderboard Rewards. 

Here is how those Rewards will be distributed to collectors on Player Leaderboards

Leaderboard Rewards and Distribution Randomization 

The thrill of pulling a #1 or Jersey serial is something every collector that’s experienced it will never forget. Both Team and Player Leaderboard Rewards will be distributed with Parallels to maximize excitement for collectors. Within each Parallel grouping, serial numbers will be assigned randomly. 

For our upcoming Rare Team Leaderboard Reward out of /250, there will be four Parallel thresholds, and each group will see a fully random serial distribution within the Parallel.  

  • /10 for 1-10 on the Leaderboard
  • /25 for 11-35
  • /50 for 36-85
  • /165 for 86-250

Rules and details defining the Parallel threshold for the Player and Team Leaderboard Rewards outlined above will be shared in a later Mailbag.

Has the team created rules around new supply that you’re able to share?

Yes. We’ve shared some rules for Series 4 already, including:

  • Rookies with a Rookie Debut Moment will not receive an additional Base Set Moment, making their Rookie Debuts uniquely special.

  • Rookies will have at most one Rare and one Legendary regular season Moment sold in packs. For top rookies who are putting together incredible seasons, additional Rare or Legendary rookie regular season editions will come in the form of Player Leaderboard Rewards.

  • One Base Set Edition per player.

Some other rules we’re prepared to share more widely today include:

  • Top Shot 50 will see 45 editions dropped in packs at /99 mint counts. There will be 5 unique Top Shot 50 Challenges that involve locking Moments from the Set to redeem.

  • Rookie Revelation will see 18 editions dropped in packs at /75 mint counts. There will be 2 unique Rookie Revelation Challenges that involve locking Moments from the Set to redeem.

Metallic Gold LE and Top Shot 50 are important Sets for Top Shot’s contemporary content and will be maintained consistently from year to year.

Effective immediately, these core Sets will have mint counts set at least one season in advance.

For Series 5, we can confirm the following rules and restrictions around supply:  

  • Metallic Gold LE will remain /399 mint counts.

  • Top Shot 50 will be minted to /99.

  • Three-Star Rookies will remain at /4000 mint counts.

I locked my NBA Top Shot Sets before January 5, 2023 at 5pm ET and still have not receive the Boosted Hot Packs I am expecting. When are they being delivered?

Eligible collectors will receive 2 total Boosted Hot Pack Rewards. The first Boosted Hot Packs for Set Rewards will be delivered in March 2023.

These Boosted Hot Packs are being built for our community's Set Rewards using new and existing Series 4 Moments, and will include six total Moments.

We’ve noticed that Top Shot has started doing in-arena activations in 2023. Will we see more in-arena activations like the ones we saw in recent weeks? 

Absolutely! Earlier this month, NBA Top Shot worked with the NBA to offer a new digital collectible via QR codes exclusive to attendees of Utah’s 2023 NBA All-Star Game and weekend of events. Before that, we were in Portland, and our first arena activation this year was at the NBA Paris game. 

We see our in-arena QR code activations over the last 45 days as a strong start, with valuable lessons to improve the experience for fans. We will continue to expand our relationship with the NBA and its teams to support their interest in unique, digital in-arena celebrations of fandom. 

Give us your feedback on how we can make our presence more fun and engaging every time! 

I read a headline last week that said that a judge declared that NBA Top Shot Moments are securities. Is that true? 

No. Last week’s order in the Friel v. Dapper Labs matter only denied Dapper Labs’ motion to dismiss the complaint at the case's pleading stage. The judge did not conclude the plaintiffs were right, and it's not a final ruling on the case's merits.

Courts have repeatedly held that consumer goods – including art and collectibles like basketball cards – are not “securities” under federal law. We’re confident the same holds true for Moments and other collectibles, digital or otherwise, and look forward to vigorously defending our position in Court as the case continues.

Did Dapper Labs have another round of layoffs? Is NBA Top Shot safe? 

Yes and yes. Dapper Labs underwent a restructure last week to improve our focus and efficiency, and strengthen our position in the market to better serve our collectors long term. As part of this restructure, we made the difficult decision to part ways with 20% of full-time employees.

We are committed to our flagship products, are in the process of transitioning to a mobile-first experience, and are more confident than ever that Web3 will remake digital life for the better.

We are thinking long-term. Our goal is to grow our communities sustainably while prioritizing the long-term health and authenticity of each product.

Who's running the ship for NBA Top Shot right now?

In our new structure, NBA Top Shot has both a Head of Product –– responsible for features, performance, and the App  –– as well as a Head of Commercial, responsible for day-to-day content, campaigns, and marketing.    

In our previous structure, NBA Top Shot had a single “GM.” We have moved away from this structure in order to speed up product development and innovate on the core customer experience at the same time as delivering compelling content and growth campaigns. 

Are there going to be more Anthology Sets being released this year for NBA Top Shot and from what NBA season?

Yes. Anthology Sets are dedicated to the greatest players in NBA history and span multiple seasons and tiers of Scarcity.

The first NBA Top Shot Anthology comprises Magic Johnson’s best career Moments, which you can check out here, and the second Anthology was just introduced, dedicated to the greatest Moments from LeBron James, featuring the scoring champion’s record-setting 38,388th point in the NBA.

In 2023, you can expect to see more Anthology Sets, featuring incredible Moments from some other all-time greats. 

Expect Anthologies to include between 5 and 10 Editions of a player, all spanning our Rare and Legendary tiers, enshrining an individual’s greatest hits into a celebrated Set at the pinnacle of our conventional collectible.

Players who earn Anthology Sets will also be eligible for Moments outside of the Anthology Set, where they may see great Moments from their careers end up as Rares in Run It Back, or in Common, Fandom, or Ultimate tiers. 

Thank you for reading. If you have additional questions, let us know by emailing mailbag@nbatopshot.com for next month's edition of this Mailbag.