Series 1 Moments capture the first season that the NBA partnered with NBA Top Shot to turn historic highlights from an unforgettable year into one-of-a-kind video collectibles. 

Giannis as MVP. Ja’s Dunk. Zion’s Block. The Top Shot Debuts of Steph Curry, Jayson Tatum, Nikola Jokić and all of your favorite players. The Miami Heat vs. The Los Angeles Lakers in the Finals, with LA bringing home the Larry O'Brien NBA Championship Trophy.

Starting on Tuesday, August 23, anyone with 4 Trade Tickets will be able to open a Locker Pack with a chance at pulling a Series 1 Moment inside.

  • 200,000 total Locker Packs will be made available at 4pm ET as part of Locker Pack Release 11.
  • Each Locker Pack is available for 4 Trade Tickets, and collectors can grab up to 5 per transaction, while supplies last. Each pack includes 3 NBA Moments, with 2 guaranteed Series 3 Base Set Moments and a third Moment that could be from Series 1, 2, Summer ‘21 or 3. 
  • 2,000 total Series 1 Moments will be in these packs, giving collectors a 1% chance to find one of these highly coveted collectibles in each pack they open. For reference, the pack odds in Locker Packs Release 10 were 1% for a Rare Moment and 0.066% for a Legendary Moment. For full pack contents odds, visit the pack listing page.

  • Once the packs are created, a spreadsheet will be made available containing the entire inventory of possible Moments inside this Locker Packs Release 11 drop, providing transparency around exactly which players, Moments and serial numbers you may find. You can now find that spreadsheet here.

This is the first Locker Pack release in a series of upcoming drops that will have these Series 1 Moments available in an “on-demand” fashion in exchange for 4 Trade Tickets. 

Series 1 Locker Packs NBA Top Shot

Between July 22 and July 28, members of the NBA Top Shot community were given the opportunity to vote on how they want to see these Moments made available, with a choice to continue our existing tradition of monthly Reserve Packs with guaranteed Series 1 Moments for 350 Trade Tickets, or pivot to a new model that offers the chance at these Moments in a much more accessible and "always available" format. Over 90% of the community members who participated voted for the Locker Pack path, and we are so excited to move forward with this new approach. 

Enjoy the pack ripping, and we can’t wait to see what gems you find hiding inside! 

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