During Series 3, NBA Top Shot collectors were able to use Trade Tickets to access on-demand Locker Room Packs containing previously traded-in Moments from other collectors. It’s time to spice things up. 

We’re taking some of our new Rare Metallic Gold LE and Legendary Holo Icon Moments from our July 14 drop and putting them into the Locker Room.

19 Moments from every Holo Icon numbered to /99 and 149 Moments from every Metallic Gold LE numbered to /749 coming in the Thursday, July 14th pack drop will be added directly to the Locker Room. 

Yep, you are reading that correctly. Roughly 20% of these Moments will be sent directly to the Locker Room and will be found in Locker Packs shortly after the drop. 

A new Locker Room pack page listing will go live once these are ready — the existing Locker Room packs will not be the destination for these “Special Edition” packs.  

In addition to the supply of Holo Icon and Metallic Gold LE Moments from this drop, the freshly stocked Locker Room Packs will also include the possibility of pulling Series 3 Holo Icon Moments from:

Steph Curry. Jaylen Brown. Klay Thompson. Joel Embiid. Anthony Edwards. Pascal Siakam. Davion Mitchell. Donovan Mitchell. Scottie Barnes. Kyrie Irving. Paul George. James Harden. In total, 38 players will each have 5 Holo Icon Moments added to the Locker Room, accounting for 190 total Moments.

1818 combined Metallic Gold LE Moments from 49 Series 3 Players will be in the mix as well, including Ja Morant, Evan Mobley, Tyrese Maxey, RJ Barrett, Josh Giddey and Fred VanVleet, to name a few. 

There will be more than 5,000 Rare and Legendary Moments newly available in Locker Packs, starting on Friday, July 15. Locker Packs will still cost 4 Trade Tickets to redeem and will still contain 3 Moments inside, but now these packs could contain Common, Rare or Legendary Moments while supplies last.