In the spirit of timely content roadmaps, we plan to release Premium Packs on Monday, June 7th at 2 PM PDT. Then, in the following week or two, we plan to drop our next Holo Icon packs.  

We initially planned for Holo Icon packs to be released first, but are adapting our plans to better implement community feedback for across-the-board collector improvements.

That’s why we’re excited to use these final drops of Series 2 to demonstrate how we’re approaching drop eligibility going forward. 

Collector Score upgrades are coming, and they’ll be complemented by an exciting new addition called Drop Bonuses, which will allow us to reward collectors on a drop-by-drop basis based on real-time events happening in the Top Shot ecosystem.

For Premium Packs the needed Collector Score for entry into the queue will be 2,500. The number is lofty but, to be sure, the Bonuses will carry many collectors to the goal line. The Drop Bonus is added to your Collector Score, and if the combined total is above 2,500, you’ll be eligible.

In the case of Premium Packs, the Drop Bonuses are: 

  1. Ownership of all 30 Cool Cats Moments in your collection (gives you +2,500 pts, enough to qualify you for the drop)
  1. Having spent more money in the Top Shot Marketplace than you've sold. (i.e. a tiered bonus of up to +2,300 pts depending on net spend: Marketplace purchases minus Marketplace Sales up until May 31st 11:59pm PDT).

While having a high Collector Score will always be the safest method to gain drop eligibility, we plan to look at a variety of ways to grant collectors access to future queues.

Reference the chart below to see how your net Marketplace spend will serve as a bonus for this queue: 

While collectors who’ve net spent $4K+ of Moments from the Marketplace will still need to have some Moments in their collections, the bonus this time around gives them a massive boost toward eligibility.

As we look ahead to the Holo Icon drop later this month, we anticipate that the Collector Score needed for that drop will be significantly higher than the score needed for Premium Packs. We are testing net Marketplace spend as a catch-all benefit for experienced collectors, and if it’s received positively, we are open to using it again in the future (potentially even for the Holo Icon drop, measuring net Marketplace spend in a more concentrated recent timeframe). 

Long term, we know that limited drops will be designed for those who love to collect Moments and show off their fandom. There are dozens of interesting ways to collect and no one way is better than the next. We want to consider rewarding ALL types of collectors in this new direction, and we believe Collector Score coupled with Drop Bonuses will help us bring more happy collectors to the ecosystem long term.

We hope this blog helps provide a better picture of the things we’re working on, and we’re excited to share more in due time. We are looking forward to this drop, and will continue to take learnings from this early implementation of Drop Bonus to inform future queue eligibility requirements.

Thanks for your continued support and patience as we improve Top Shot by the day.