On Friday, July 15, 2022, Team Leaderboards were introduced to NBA Top Shot, giving our collectors the ability to lock their Moments to earn rewards and flex their fandom. 

In the week since, more than 1.87% of all Top Shot Moments and 8.5% of all Top Shot Score have been locked to Leaderboards.

Here’s a look at the data as of 9am ET on July 22, 2022, 7 days after the launch of this exciting new way to engage with your collection of officially licensed NBA Moments and use them to create additional forms of utility. New to Top Shot? Start your collection today.

Top 10 Most Locked Teams (By Participating Collectors) 

On average, 1,962 fans have participated in Team Leaderboards for each NBA team in the last 7 days. Each Team Leaderboard has an average of 21,606 Moments locked for the next year.  

  1. 2,490 Golden State Warriors fans have locked 43,429 combined Warriors Moments 
  2. 2,305 Los Angeles Lakers fans have locked 29,705 combined Lakers Moments 
  3. 2,250 Minnesota Timberwolves fans have locked 28,027 combined Timberwolves Moments 
  4. 2,201 Denver Nuggets fans have locked 24,442 combined Nuggets Moments 
  5. 2,166 Philadelphia 76ers fans have locked 25,469 combined 76ers Moments
  6. 2,149 Toronto Raptors fans have locked 24,969 combined Raptors Moments
  7. 2,147 Milwaukee Bucks fans have locked 26,737 combined Bucks Moments
  8. 2,141 Dallas Mavericks fans have locked 24,659 combined Mavericks Moments
  9. 2,075 Chicago Bulls fans have locked 19,261 combined Bulls Moments
  10. 2,044 Charlotte Hornets fans have locked 24,134 combined Hornets Moments

Top 10 Most Locked Players (By Participating Collectors) 

In total, more than 525 players across all 30 NBA teams have had Moments locked to Team Leaderboards so far, with the Locked Top Shot Score connected to them helping their fans climb each respected Team Leaderboard, and eventually, their corresponding Player Leaderboards. 

More than 4,900 collectors have locked at least one Moment to a Team Leaderboard in the last 7 days, with more than 688,000 total Moments locked, accounting for a combined locked Top Shot Score of over 659,000,000.

  1. 2,148 Steph Curry fans have locked 9,579 combined Steph Moments
  2. 1,963 LeBron James fans have locked 8,003 combined LeBron Moments
  3. 1,790 LaMelo Balls fans have locked 4,468 combined LaMelo Moments
  4. 1,780 Chris Paul fans have locked 6,015 combined CP3 Moments
  5. 1,727 Karl-Anthony Towns fans have locked 6,071 combined KAT Moments
  6. 1,720 Anthony Davis fans have locked 5,151 combined AD Moments 
  7. 1,694 Luka Dončić fans have locked 6,153 combined Luka Moments 
  8. 1,648 Nikola Jokić fans have locked 5,213 combined Joker Moments 
  9. 1,627 Ja Morant fans have locked 6,015 combined Ja Moments 
  10. 1,610 Giannis Antetokounmpo fans have locked 6,233 combined Greek Freak Moments

Leaderboard Feature Upgrades 

As we iterate locking and Team Leaderboards, we're excited to share two new improvements launching today:

  1. You can now track Leaderboards on your profile! The amount of Top Shot Score locked, where you rank on the Leaderboard (including an indicator for the top 10%), and more will now appear on your Top Shot profile.

  2. To ensure Moments lock successfully, we will be placing a 100 Moment cap per transaction when locking multiple Moments.

WNBA Leaderboards are around the corner, with a formal announcement and preview of rewards coming in the near future. Player Leaderboards will come shortly after that.

We look forward to seeing how Team Leaderboards and other iterations of Leaderboards grow over time, and can’t wait to reveal more details about the rewards you’ll earn over the next year.

Leaderboards 101

Read the basics of Leaderboards and locked Moments here, and visit our official Team Leaderboard HQ to get started.