Fast Facts:

  • After launching Trade Tickets in a 3-step rollout in September, we've hit Phase 2 on Oct. 15 -- featuring the ability to bulk trade-in
  • We'll have a Stress Test on Oct. 19 at 11 am PDT where collectors can trade in 10 tickets for a 10-Moment Locker Pack
  • The Trade-In feature will be temporarily closed on Oct. 18 at 9 am PDT
  • Trade Tickets instantly bring extra flexibility and utility to your collection. Don’t love a Moment? Swap it for a Trade Ticket.
  • Why swap? You’ll be able to use Trade Tickets to gain access to special packs, available only to collectors of Trade Tickets. 
  • Every Moment is worth 1 Trade Ticket, regardless of the Moment’s tier.


The first phase of Trade Tickets hit Top Shot in September. Now we're on to Phase 2, where you'll be able to trade in 10 tickets for a 10-Moment Locker Pack on Oct. 19 at 11 am PDT.

The trade-in feature will be temporarily closed starting at 9 am PDT on Oct. 18.

Want to find out more about Trade Tickets? Read more for our original release from September.

Learn More About Trade Tickets

Now, you can do even more with each Moment.

Originally announced in late spring, Trade Tickets are a new feature that provides collectors with the opportunity for additional utility with their Moments in the Top Shot ecosystem.

Trade Tickets are digital tickets that can be redeemed for exclusive content, and will provide collectors in our community with more opportunities to rip packs. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Collectors can trade-in any Moment from their collection in exchange for a single Trade Ticket. 
  2. Common, Fandom, Rare, and Legendary Moments are all worth one Trade Ticket each. 
  3. Moments that are traded in will get sent to The Locker Room, an account on the site that’ll house all of the traded-in Moments from the community … along with more exclusive unreleased Moments and packs that’ll get released over time. 
  4. When you trade-in a Moment, you will instantly receive a Trade Ticket in your account. Going forward, we’ll have regularly scheduled drops exclusive to collectors who own a minimum number of Trade Tickets. The number of Trade Tickets required will vary from release to release, with advance notice given before each drop -- so collectors will have time to grab tickets.
  5. Once you trade-in a Moment and receive your Trade Ticket, you won’t be able to reclaim the Moment you traded in. Trade Tickets are non-transferable and completely fungible. No single Trade Ticket is better than another, regardless of which Moment was traded-in to redeem the ticket.


Starting in September, we rolled out Phase 1 of Trade Tickets, which’ll enable collectors to trade-in their Moments one-by-one to redeem tickets. 

As a part of Phase 2 of this rollout, we've built a “bulk trade-in” feature that allows collectors to trade-in dozens of Moments to receive dozens Trade Tickets at once. 

Later, we'll introduce Phase 3, which’ll be the first release of our Series 1 Reserve Packs (more below). 

Note that everything below was written for the original


We had first Trade Ticket Stress Test to punctuate Phase 1. Collectors will be able to trade in 3 tickets in exchange for packs containing 3 Series 2 Base Set Moments. The date of this test is to be determined.

This Stress Test (like all of our Stress Tests) is totally optional, and may not appeal to all collectors. That said, if you wish to participate for the thrill of experimentation, we recommend collectors trade-in AT MOST three Moments by the 9:30 AM PDT Monday, September 20 deadline, as there’ll be a tightly enforced one “Locker Pack” (i.e. packs from the Locker Room) limit per collector during each Stress Test, with a guarantee of getting two Lock Packs total across 2 different stress tests.

To that point, we plan to have a second stress test before Series 3, with a new deadline for trading in your Moments. While each stress test will be limited to one pack, collectors will be able to get their second pack in the second stress test. In other words, if you trade-in six Moments by Monday's deadline, you'll be able to get a total of 2 Locker Packs.

We'll come back with more info on timing for the second stress test after we've been able to review the results of test.

Provided the Stress Test is successful, we’ll look into offering ongoing releases for Locker Packs as early as next week. In these releases, collectors will be able to trade-in any 4 Moments from their collection via Trade Tickets in exchange for a Locker Pack, which will contain 3 Moments that had been traded in previously from other collectors. 


Glad you asked.

  1. Trade Tickets add a new layer of strategy to NBA Top Shot, as they figure to lower the active circulating supply of Moments on Top Shot. Moments that are traded-in will become denoted as “Unavailable for Purchase” in the Moment’s collectible details.

  1. After the initial 3 Tickets for 3 Moments Stress Test, Locker Packs will contain 3 Moments and will require 4 Trade Tickets to obtain. 


Phase 3 of our rollout will include the first release of our highly coveted Series 1 Reserve packs, which will contain Moments we weren’t able to release due to timing constraints in 2020.

Loaded with elite Moments from Series 1, including Top Shot Debuts from former MVPs like LeBron James and Derrick Rose, these packs will be in high demand.

We plan for the first Series 1 Reserve pack release to cost anywhere from 300 to 500 Trade Tickets per pack. 

Knowing that the sum of tickets required for these packs is substantial, we’ll need to finish Phase 2 (i.e. the bulk trade-in feature) to make the experience less onerous for our collectors. 


While making it easier to trade in your Moments in bulk is certainly a chief concern, another key reason we are holding off on releasing these Series 1 Reserve packs in the next couple of weeks is because we’re looking ahead to Series 3.

Series 3 Commons are coming within the next couple of months, and they’ll play an important role in reframing how our community considers which Moments they’ll want to trade in, long-term.

Let us explain...

Series 3 Base Set Moments will be minted to notably larger Edition Sizes than anything we’ve seen before on Top Shot, and will be worth only 2 Collector Score points each, making them prime candidates to be traded in for tickets. One reason we are minting Series 3 Base Set Moments to larger Edition Sizes is that it’ll open up the door for us to make packs more readily available. We know pack sales lead to more Marketplace activity and expect this to be healthier for the whole ecosystem. Please note, not ALL Series 3 Base Set Moments will have large Edition Sizes, as we still intend for low Edition Size “hits” to exist in Series 3 Base Set packs. 

Compare those to Series 2 Common Moments, which are -- and will always be -- worth 12 Collector Score points each, meaning they’ll be considered highly collectible for years to come. 

We want our community members to be able to make informed decisions with this exciting new feature, so we will be holding off on anything that gives a collector a reason to collect hundreds of Trade Tickets until Series 3 Commons are readily available. Once they are available, we expect collectors will be able to act with greater clarity about which Moments to trade-in for tickets.

Please note: this feature isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay! If you are a collector that is obsessed with ripping packs or is hungry for the opportunity to pull an epic unreleased Series 1 Base Set Moment from a pack, Trade Tickets will be a great feature for you to consider as Series 3 Commons make their way into your collection.

* Note: This blog has been updated from the original to provide more information on the stress test process.