The 26th WNBA season tips off today and we couldn’t be more thrilled for our first full W season of WNBA Top Shot to get underway.

This league is incredibly special and important.

Each of the 12 teams and 144 players in the league have their own unique history and story, but one common goal remains. Through the pure grit, determination and strength every single team and player pursues, they do it to win not only on the court, but to empower women and the next generation of basketball players.

“A lot of women across the country, whether you play basketball or not, the W has changed opportunity for women. My daughter is a non-sports fan. The WNBA is a part of her legacy moving forward, and where women fit in society.” - Doris Burke

This season, we will see legends retire, players rising to the occasion, breakout performances, and the passing of the torch to the next W stars. On WNBA Top Shot, you will be able to own a part of these players' history. From game-winners, to buzzer beaters, career-high performances, career lasts, tear-jerking exits, and much more, you, as a basketball fan, can move closer to the game one Moment at a time.

Through our new W social feeds, up-and-coming WNBA campaigns, Challenges, IRL events and more, we’re dedicated to this epic league, this singular group of athletes and the stories they create. We are determined to push the game forward and want to celebrate every single Moment with you across our platform.  

So, when will these Moments happen? You can check out our 2022 WNBA Roadmap here. And in the meantime, watch history unfold by tuning into coverage tonight.