There is no denying that Premium Packs are special — we consider the Metallic Gold LE Moments found in them to be the flagship rares for every new season on NBA Top Shot. Some of the final Metallic Gold LE Moments from the 2021 regular season will be dropping in these packs shortly. 

As mentioned in our larger blog, new rare Metallic Gold LE Moments will be released on Monday, June 7, at 2 PM PDT. 


1 x rare Metallic Gold LE (/499)

5 x common Series 2 Base Set 

This Limited Edition common drop consists of 18 different Metallic Gold LE rare Moments, each numbered to 499. It also includes five additional brand new Series 2 Base Set plays with varying edition sizes.

Details about the accompanying Base Set Moments and a complete pack content list are still to come.

In the case of Premium Packs, collectors will need a Collector Score of 2,500 to be eligible for the drop. There are two associated Drop Bonuses this time around, that’ll help more collectors boost their score. The bonuses are: 

  1. Ownership of all 30 Cool Cats Moments in their collection (gives you +2,500 pts, enough to qualify you for the drop). Check your Collector Score here.
  1. Having spent more money in the Top Shot Marketplace than you've sold. (i.e. a tiered bonus of up to +2,300 pts depending on net spend: Marketplace purchases minus Marketplace Sales up until May 31st 11:59pm PDT).

Looking at the data, we anticipate net Marketplace spend will gain many collectors eligibility.  

You’ll have until Monday, June 7, at 12 PM PDT to make yourself eligible for the drop. And, of course, the more you raise your score for Premium Packs, the better situated you’ll be to become eligible for the Holo Icon legendary drop coming a week or two later. 

And while having a high Collector Score will always be the safest method to gaining drop eligibility, we will continuously experiment and listen to the community to figure out the right balance of exclusivity and accessibility for these highly coveted packs. 

Reference the chart below to see how your net Marketplace spend will serve as a bonus for this queue only

For a reminder of how Collector Score is calculated, check out our Collector Score introduction blog


  • Pack Drops: Monday, June 7 at 2:00 PM PDT
  • Pack Cost: $24 as a one-time return to our Series 1 Premium Pack prices as a continuation of our #ThankYouFans campaign. 
  • Packs Per Collector: 1
  • Total Packs: 5,346*
  • Rebound Packs: Yes, enough for everyone in the queue. 

*An additional 500 packs will be reserved for customer service resolutions, giveaways, and promotional purposes.


• Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets busting out the NBA Street gamebreaker in arguably the most entertaining play of the year.
• Nikola Jokic setting a new career high with 18 assists, the highest single-game assist total for a center in over 50 years.
• Tyrese Haliburton showing off his bag of tricks and hitting the impressive step-back trey en route to a four-point play.