Squad Goals Crafting Challenge are here. Each Crafting Challenge gives you the ability to earn new Rare Moments for each of the NBA’s 30 teams by burning existing Moments. New to NBA Top Shot? Create your account today to collect your first pack of curated, officially licensed NBA highlights, and browse the Marketplace to find your favorites.

If you're a Brooklyn Nets fan, NBA Top Shot's collection of Moments spans 15+ years of Nets basketball, with icons of the game and rising rookies all available as unique collectibles you can own.

The Squad Goals Set, which make up the Challenge Rewards for our current NBA Crafting Challenges, is a Top Shot homage to teamwork.

Stars sharing the rock.

Transition vision.

Making the extra dish that leads to a pure swish.

Rebounds that turn into dunks. 

In the process of these challenges taking place, thousands of Moments will be burned — permanently — by members of the Top Shot community, unlocking unique Challenge Rewards. This action will reduce the supply of collectibles in the Marketplace, effectively making those editions more scarce.

After the conclusion of our second Squad Goals Crafting Challenge, over 1,190 Atlanta Hawks Moments were burned. 

As each Squad Goals Crafting Challenge goes live, we'll be shining a spotlight on a handful of Moments from each NBA team that you might have overlooked.

Underrated and underestimated players and Moments that are special in their own way, from monster performances to scarce and significant highlights in a player's career. Hidden gems across all Series.

This time, it’s Brooklyn’s turn. The Nets Squad Goals Challenge is now live, featuring a Blake Griffin alley-oop dunk Moment with a sweet dish from Kevin Durant, and 4 of the 5 Nets on the court touching the ball during a transition fast break opportunity. It's a time capsule for the 2021-22 Nets.

Blake Griffin Top Shot Dunk

In the midst of NBA free agency, it’s possible that when the players involved in these Moments play in Barclays Center next season, they’ll step foot into the visiting locker room instead of defending their home court. For now, though, let’s celebrate greatness from a Borough of the Big Apple. 

Here are three Brooklyn Nets hidden gems that exist as officially licensed NBA highlights and collectibles with NBA Top Shot. 


Kevin Durant’s Game Recognize Game Moment from Series 3 is at the heart of a historic NBA Top Shot partnership. It marks the first time a player ever curated their own set and narrated their own Moment.

This Moment features commentary from Kevin Durant, an all-time great, giving fans and collectors a look behind the curtain at a one-of-a-kind collectible.  

Durant breaks down his Common Moment, one of 6359 Game Recognize Game Challenge Rewards — reminiscing on maintaining his handle, leaning with expertise, and finishing with a smile – because he couldn’t help but overhear trash talk. In his eyes, the highlight was “making something out of nothing.”

Twenty-first (and climbing) on the NBA’s all-time scoring list, KD has an unmatched offensive game. He made history this season, becoming the 7th-fastest to score 25,000 career points.

We couldn’t pass this one up, and neither should you. Kevin Durant picked it himself.


Think of all of Kyrie Irving’s poetic performances on the court over the years.

All the scoring outbursts. 

As a rookie, holding it down in Cleveland. 

As an emerging star, impressing alongside LeBron James deep into the Playoffs. 

As Uncle Drew, on the blacktop, thrilling New York City neighborhoods. 

As a veteran, in Boston, molding his game with Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

Irving’s skills are a spectacle.

Art on the hardwood.

Must-watch entertainment. 

On March 15 this year, the city of Orlando had a front-row seat. Irving dropped a career-high 60 points. This Legendary Moment captures the three-pointer that gave him 60.

A whopping 41 in the first half. Shot 20-for-31 from the field. Only 35 minutes played. He tied the 2021-22 season high in points scored in a game, matching Karl-Anthony Towns 60 point game in San Antonio the night before.

From Holo Icon (Series 3), this Moment has an edition size of 99, making it one of the most special and limited edition collectibles of Kyrie's career.

Own a piece of Irving’s basketball brilliance.


Blake Griffin can still rock the rim. 

Coming up on Year 13 in the league, maybe he doesn’t have the bunnies to soar over the hood of a vehicle as he did during the 2011 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, but his name will forever be synonymous with flying high.

A Lob City forefather, Griffin’s veteran presence anchors Brooklyn with toughness and competency around the basket.

He’s a savvy cutter. Although undersized, he can play small-ball five and defend opposing bigs.

Don’t bat an eye at his career. He’s a 6-time All-Star. A proven competitor. 

This Common Base Set Moment solidifies it. In his introduction to the Barclays Center stage, Griffin burst into the lane past multiple Wizards defenders and threw down with two hands.

It’s not a Top Shot debut, but it is his first dunk on the platform – which, famously, happened to be his first dunk in 2+ years following his stint in Detroit. Not only that, the slam marked his first points as a member of the Nets.

Griffin’s NBA twilight is approaching, but there’s no denying, he’s a dunker for the ages. This Moment reflects a special highlight for a beloved player.

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