What’s up Top Shot squad!

What a year it’s been. The NBA Bubble proved to be a massive success, allowing the league to safely complete the season. It was an intense three-month postseason with the Los Angeles Lakers ultimately leaving as your 2020 NBA Champions! 

While the on-court action might take a hiatus, you can still get your hoops fix with us on NBA Top Shot. Just like every week, we’ll round-up the best insights and feedback from the Top Shot community and share it here. If you have an idea for us, please don't hesitate to share on Discord or Twitter.

Ideas & Feedback 💡💭

  • veerman recommended an improvement to the interface that’d make it easier to list and/or change the existing sales price of Moments from your collection. Changing the price would be done by having a “Relist” option. Moments not yet for sale in your collection, meanwhile, could be listed for sale with a quick list functionality. We will investigate these ideas to see what’s feasible. Thank you for the suggestions. 
  • Pani suggested a feature where you’d be able track Moments in the Marketplace and receive notifications every time a new edition of that Moment is listed for sale. We’ll continue exploring features on the Marketplace to improve the experience. Thanks for the suggestion.
  • There have been multiple requests for us to better highlight when a player’s jersey number matches the serial numbers on a specific Moment. Orange 777 suggests we show a jersey icon on those specific Moments to reflect the match. We understand how coveted jersey matches are and we’ll take a look to see if there are additional ways for us to highlight when a serial number matches a jersey. 
In the interim, we’ll denote when a Moment’s serial number matches the player’s jersey number in the Marketplace listings. 

  • CryptoCowboy and libruary requested a feature that’d allow them to view past Challenges and view past pack drops for sale for historical reference. For many of these drops, you can find the contents of what was inside on our blog. For viewing past Challenges, we’ll investigate whether it’s feasible for us to integrate down the road. 
  • CryptoMR would like to see rarer Moments have longer clips than their counterparts in order to add deeper value for these collectibles. For example, a common Zion block Moment currently cuts off when he flexes his bicep. But a higher valued Zion Moment could extend further to show the flex and crowd reaction as well.
  • Redlioneye suggests adding the set name of a Moment you’ve sold in your “Activity” tab. 
  • Raster Eyes wants to be able to redirect to the Marketplace when viewing a Moment in someone’s collection. 
  • dunkingdonuts advises having a filter for LE (Limited Edition) and CC (Circulating Count) Moments on the Marketplace. 


When will we be able to buy/sell/trade unopened packs?

We are actively working to revamp the functionality for unopened packs and plan to enable features like buying, selling, and trading packs from other members of the community as soon as possible. However, this is still a longer-termed project and we don’t expect these features to launch in the next little while. We will roll out these features in stages, so that we continuously improve the experience until you can do all three actions with your unopened packs. You can find out more details in our blog post about unopened packs.

I’m getting frustrated that the packs I want sell out too fast, how can I find a solution to this?

This has been a concern for some as our Premium Packs Drop 2s have all sold out in minutes. The demand has simply been astronomical, and the quantities are inherently limited, so it’s unfortunately not a problem we can fix instantly. What you can do is constantly refresh the pack listing page after a pack drops. Packs get "reserved" when people click “buy,” but occasionally fail to complete the purchase. This, at times, may free up some packs in the 15-20 minutes after a pack drop initially sells-out.

Be sure to remember to double check that you're logged into your Dapper account. Also, loading up your Dapper Balance ahead of time will ease the process of your purchase.

Packs that I’ve purchased aren’t appearing in my account, what’s going on?

As long as you have your Dapper email receipt, you have your proof of purchase. At times, our system takes some time to deliver the packs into your account. We are actively looking to shorten the window of time between completing the transaction and having the pack in your account. Generally, give the system about 10-15 minutes and the lag will resolve itself. If you feel you still require assistance, please reach out to @Andres | Dapper Support#2049 on Discord directly or email support at support@meetdapper.com with the following details:

  • Your Top Shot username
  • Your Dapper email address
  • The order ID found in your Dapper email purchase receipt

Why isn’t my debit/credit card working when making a purchase?

If you’re using Chase, you may need to unblock your card by speaking to them directly. Cards solely tied to online banks such as Revolut and AMEX will not work, they need to be tied to traditional ones.

Last but not least: Deals, Deals, Deals…

  • It’s been a Jayson Tatum party in Top Shot as collectors are running to the Marketplace to scoop up his Cosmic legendary Moments. At just 21 years old, Tatum led his Celtics to the Eastern Conference Finals and averaged an amazing 26 points per game in the playoffs this season. It’s no wonder Sacs15, this_gila_monster4419, topsnot, and Mosaics rushed to get this rising superstar’s Moments in the $900-999 price range.

  • It’s been Herro mania lately as collectors could not get enough of the rookie sharpshooter. Tyler Herro’s emergence as a rising star was a major storyline throughout the NBA playoffs, and his Moments became in-demand items in the Marketplace. Herro’s Rookie Debut Moment was picked up by portly_budgerigar8851 for $600. Congrats on adding this historic Moment to your collection!

That’s all for this week. Stay tuned for more insights from the community coming soon.