Welcome to another edition of Community Roundup -- this is where we keep you updated on what’s been happening over the last week: your one-stop shop for all things NBA Top Shot. 

We’ll review FAQs we’re seeing from the community and provide you with some highlights from the past week’s NBA Top Shot community coverage. We also have a discussion with a community member who has built up a fantastic resource for the NBA Top Shot family in our “Community Spotlight.” 

In case you missed it: our Certified Ballers Showcase Contest launched on Monday! To be eligible, collectors must use at least three (3) Moments from the Certified Ballers list. These will be Moments from NBA players who have verified accounts on NBA Top Shot. For more details, read the full blog post around the Showcase Contest. 


Q: I opened a Base Set pack and received two of the same exact play. Is this a glitch?

If you were able to secure a Pre-Order Pack or Rebound Pack during the Holo Icon Legendary pack drop, there is a chance you received multiple Moments of the same play with a different serial number within the Common Base Set pack. It does happen from time to time — this is not a glitch or an error. The Moments within each pack are 100 percent randomized.

Q: Can the community expect more Rebound Packs for future pack drops?

We received a lot of positive community sentiment regarding the Rebound Pack during the Holo Icon Legendary pack drop. Implementing this for future drops will be something our team explores for limited edition pack drops going forward. 

We cannot guarantee these packs will be available for every drop, but this is a way to reward collectors that unfortunately miss out on the limited edition pack drops.

Q: If I created my Showcase before the official start date of the Certified Ballers Showcase Contest was announced, is it still eligible?

If you created the showcase at any point on Monday, April 12, we will allow for showcases to still be eligible for the contest. 

If your Showcase was created in advance of Monday, April 12, we’ll need you to create a new Showcase and link on Twitter with the hashtag #TopShotShowcase to share with the community. 

More details can be found in the full blog post for the Certified Ballers Showcase Contest.

Q: When will NBA Top Shot implement a bidding feature for the Marketplace?

As we continue to build out new features in the Marketplace, a bidding feature certainly has been one of the more requested asks from the community. 

Unfortunately we don’t have a timeline on when this will be built out, but we do have it on the roadmap at some point in the future.

More context is provided in the audio from our Discord Office Hours chat on Tuesday, April 13 regarding this question. 


Part of what makes NBA Top Shot so special is the community. Your passion and excitement does not go unnoticed — we love to see it. We wanted to take a Moment and spotlight a fantastic resource from one of our collectors that helps the greater NBA Top Shot community. 

Justin Herzig, who just launched a website for OwntheMoment, is a constant source for in-depth analysis and creates meaningful content for the NBA Shot Community. Below is a transcript of our conversation with Justin. Enjoy! 

How did you get started with NBA Top Shot?

I’ve always been a big sports fan and growing up had an expansive sports card collection. However, I just couldn’t get into the current market. There were just too many pain points such as counterfeits, card grading, shipping, knowing the value of a card and having to use eBay or other third parties to buy and sell cards. When I first heard about Top Shot in January, it only took 48 hours of diving in to realize nearly all the pain points from the physical card market were instantly eliminated. Built on blockchain technology, but able to appeal to general collectors, I knew this would be huge.

What do you love most about NBA Top Shot?

I love the community that has been built around it. I come from the Daily Fantasy Sports industry where while a community exists, the game is designed for us to compete against each other. When one person wins, almost everyone else loses. This is very different. There is a collective energy of building each other up. We are all in this journey together and benefit from each other’s shared learnings and experiences. It’s what has motivated us in building OwntheMoment to help others in this community.

What is your favorite Moment you own?

#623, Lebron Finals (S1)

The best player in the game and his two very well-known jersey numbers: 6 and 23. I am not usually serious about the numerology with serials but Lebron is a clear outlier when it comes to his jerseys. I believe that outside of the #1 and #23 Moments for Lebron, this double-jersey Moment is in that next tier of value (I got further validation as just after purchasing, I received three different DMs from people trying to put together funds to buy).

What is your favorite Moment you want to collect?

Steve (@Veerman) knows as I’ve tried to pry it away from him. Being a Wake Forest grad and having had the chance to help Chris Paul with one of his charity bowling events, I have a special place in my heart for him and his Moments. For people not familiar with his story, he scored 61 points in a high school game after his grandfather was murdered – one point for each year of his grandfather’s life. I would love the opportunity to be able to give Chris Paul one of his #61 serial Moments.

Which highlight do you want to see minted?

Give me either of the two big plays in Game 7 when the Cavs won the championship. Either the LeBron chase-down block of Andre Iguodala with a minute and a half left or the Kyrie three to break the tie with a minute remaining. Those are such historical plays for the city of Cleveland after going 52 years without a championship in a major sport.

What was the idea behind creating OwntheMoment?

We started with a clear mission of building the content, tools, and community that we as collectors of Top Shot would want to have. We understand how important education is to a successful Top Shot experience and we’re doing everything possible to provide collectors with the most helpful resources to support their personal journey. As of now, that primarily entails OTMnft.com, our shows and podcasts, and our Mission Control Center (OTM Discord).

What kind of feedback have you received from the community regarding OwntheMoment?

We have been blown away by the support and feedback from the community! The continued engagement and positive feedback inspires us to keep building for everyone.

Your website just recently launched. Do you envision having more features in the future? If so, can you share?

Launching OTMnft.com was a big accomplishment for us, and we without a doubt plan to continue adding more innovative features. We have an amazing team working behind the scenes (shoutout to TJ, Neil, Bach, and Producer Cupe!) and are rolling out new updates and features almost daily. Our favorite most recent addition is what we’re colloquially calling the ‘dingaling’ page as it provides a list of all the current #1 Serial and Jersey listings. We have seen from the website traffic how much the community loves our Challenges pages and we’ve got a few plans to take that to the next level. Our goal at OTM is not just to provide data, but to help transform that data into actionable insights.

Piece of advice for collectors trying to get in the game.

Take advantage of the resources out there to educate yourself. There are a lot of things that new collectors haven’t been made aware of that can cost them money and create a poor experience. For example, when a new common Moment of a player is released, many collectors get excited and want to buy that Moment right away. However, in many cases, only a small percentage of the total supply has actually been released and in the majority of cases, the price of that Moment will go down as more supply is released. That is why on OTMnft.com/Moments and on each individual Moments page, we provide the “% in Circ.” data to show collectors how many are actually in circulation relative to Moments that are still in packs or yet to be released.

Where can the community find you?

They can find me personally on Twitter @JustinHerzig or where I’m most often posting, @OwntheMomentNFT. You can also often find me hanging out with the community in our OTM Discord of which you can apply to join here: http://bit.ly/OwnTheMomentNFT. Thank you for having me and I look forward to getting the chance to talk with you all in the future.



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  • Our Certified Ballers Showcase Contest is here! From now until May 4 at 12pm PDT, collectors have an opportunity to build out a showcase and potentially win one (1) Holo Icon Legendary pack. More details can be found in the blog post
  • Not able to tune in to our Discord Office Hours chat? Subscribe to our YouTube channel where you can listen to the full audio. We will be hosting these on a more consistent basis: Tuesday’s at 2pm PDT/5pm EDT and Friday’s at 10am PDT/1pm EDT.
  • Did you miss our latest Dev Diary? We highlighted a number of new features that have been implemented across the site to improve the collector experience. 
  • There are currently three active challenges - Holo Icon Challenge 4, Metallic Gold LE Challenge 23 and Cool Cats Challenge 4 - where you can earn exclusive rewards and add to your collection. Remember, do not feel obligated to complete every single challenge. We shared some insight and gave the community an update on concurrent challenges running.