What’s up, Top Shot squad -

It’s been quite the year so far. It’s also been quite some time since we updated the community about all of the new features that have been implemented across the site to improve our collector experience. 

In the return of Dev Diaries, we aim to highlight the most impactful features that our developers and engineers have tirelessly worked on to make your experience better.

Without further ado...


We have made a renovation to Challenge Rewards to make them stand out more in your collections and in the Marketplace. 

Every challenge reward now has a reward indicator, denoting that it was a Challenge Reward. This indicator has already been applied retroactively to all Challenge Rewards.


We debuted one of the more anticipated design features for NBA Top Shot: Moment Badges. 

A total of five different badges have been created and assigned to the NBA Top Shot Moments that have been minted and released in packs up to this point. These will also be added to new Moments that qualify for them heading forward. 

Identifying these badges to select Moments gives additional significant context for collectors in the community.

For more information on Moment Badges, read through our blog post


In order to reward collectors within the NBA Top Shot community, we have rolled out eligibility requirements for those looking to participate in rare and legendary pack drops.

The first use case of this occurred during our Rising Stars Rare pack drop, where collectors needed to own at least one Moment in their collection at the time of the drop. 

This was reinforced to prevent abusers from spoiling the NBA Top Shot experience for true collectors.

There is no set amount of Moments that have been decided upon for Rare or Legendary pack drops moving forward. However, this is a concerted effort from our team to ensure future pack drops are a fun and seamless experience for the community.


We have continued to monitor performance in the Marketplace regarding listing and de-listing Moments, and have adjusted accordingly in order to best meet the needs of the community. 

To ensure a smoother experience for everyone while we work to scale our infrastructure in order to meet the overwhelming demand and combat bots, we have rolled out some temporary limitations before and after pack drops or stress tests.

A new feature for all collectors to view in the Marketplace is a cooldown timer alerting collectors when buying, listing, and de-listing is available. 

We will continue to alert the community about cooldown changes via our @topshot_updates Twitter account. Be sure to follow us there to stay in the know on all status alerts.


We have implemented gifting updates in order to protect the community, maintain an even playing field for collectors and combat bot accounts. 

More detailed information can be found in our Marketplace Updates post.


We touched on Marketplace cooldowns and limits above.

In addition, our team has also designed new purchase interfaces in the Marketplace to limit the number of collectors trying to purchase the same Moment at once.

As noted, there is high demand for listed Moments with the lowest asking price. As such, there may be multiple collectors trying to purchase the same exact Moment. 


Want to know the full sales history of a specific Moment? 

Now collectors can view the complete sales history on the listing page instead of just the most recent 15 transactions. Some of the available information collectors can view on the listing page include the buyer, seller, sale price and serial number of the Moment.

In addition, collectors can also view the Top 3 sales for a specific Moment.


One of the more commonly asked questions from the community during Discord Office Hours revolves around what type of action NBA Top Shot is taking to further eliminate bots.

We can share that 50+ bot accounts have been taken down. Furthermore, any bot accounts will be unable to withdraw. We are strictly enforcing this and stand against any type of botting activity. Those that try to bend the rules will be disciplined accordingly.

More context can be listened to in the audio from our Discord Office Hours chat from Wednesday, April 7. Moving forward, we will be posting the full audio from our Discord Office Hours on the NBA Top Shot YouTube channel

As always, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out on Discord or on Twitter

If you have any feedback or suggestions, submit your ideas to this forum.