Welcome to another edition of Community Roundup — your one-stop shop for all things NBA Top Shot. 

We’ll review FAQ’s from the community and provide you with highlights from recent weeks. We’ll also catch up with a community member as usual, and this week it’s a particularly active collector who provides popular NBA Top Shot YouTube content regularly.

Reminder: our Certified Ballers Showcase Contest is wrapping up on Tuesday, May 4 at 12pm PDT! To be eligible, collectors must use at least three (3) Moments from the Certified Ballers list in their Showcase. These Moments feature NBA players who’ve been early adopters in the NBA Top Shot community. For more details, read the full blog post around the Showcase Contest. 


Q: Why was my account deemed ineligible after registering  for a Base Set pack?

All collector accounts were able to register for this Base Set Series 2 pack. However, our compliance team thoroughly reviewed and ensured that only accounts in good standing would be permitted to purchase packs when the purchase window opened. 

If you were found to be in violation of our Terms of Service policy, this was most likely the reason why your account was deemed ineligible to purchase. To avoid these issues going forward, please make sure you use payment cards only in your name, and have only one account per collector.

Q: Is there a timeline for collectors to be able to buy and sell packs on the Marketplace?

This is a feature that we have had on the roadmap for the community. NBA Top Shot Community Lead Jacob Eisenberg addressed this in our Discord Office Hours on Tuesday, April 27. 

A very rough timeline for collectors to anticipate this feature: some time this summer. We understand many collectors are holding unopened packs anticipating this feature to be rolled out. Rest assured it is something that we intend to implement to improve the overall collector experience. Please keep in mind there are other features on the roadmap and this may be impacted based on priority in the pecking order.

Q: Any updates on Canadian and UK bank withdrawals?

Good news: we are currently in a QA process for Canadian and UK bank withdrawals. Our team is close to rolling this out to NBA Top Shot collectors. Of course, we want to ensure that when this is rolled out, it will be a seamless experience for those that will be utilizing this feature. 

This was also addressed more recently in our Discord Office Hours on Friday, April 30. 


Part of what makes NBA Top Shot so special is the community. Your passion and excitement does not go unnoticed — we love to see it. In this Roundup, we wanted to take a moment and spotlight one of the most passionate voices in our community: Jennifer Sutto.

Jennifer created a YouTube channel dedicated to providing the community with relevant NBA Top Shot content and is now spearheading social media and content at Evaluate.Market. Full transcript below — enjoy:

How did you get started with NBA Top Shot?

I first started collecting moments in mid-October when they first opened their public beta! My sister Steph told me about it the day after she found out!

What do you love most about NBA Top Shot?

I love how fun the whole experience is. Buying packs, shopping on the Marketplace for deals, talking to other collectors on Discord, etc. It's fun when everyone else in the community is equally as obsessed and passionate about NBA Top Shot!

What is your favorite Moment you own?

I love my S1 Rare The Finals Lebron James Moment! I actually have two of them, which I opened from packs back in October and plan to keep at least one of them forever.

What is your favorite Moment you want to collect? 

I have fun stacking Moments from The Finals S1 Rare Set, since that's the only complete set I have. I love that it's Lakers vs. Heat (my two favorite teams), they're all Bubble Moments, 2020 was a special year, and it's literally THE FINALS!  I've become known for stacking Kelly Olynyk from that set, and I have absolutely no explanation for why haha.

Which highlight do you want to see minted? 

I actually don't watch basketball, but I do love collecting Moments and watching my Moments! I grew up in California and my mom was a huge Lakers fan and loved watching Derek Fisher shoot 3’s, so I'd love to collect some Derek Fisher 3-pointer Moments.

What was the initial goal of starting your YouTube channel?

Initially I started my YouTube channel because I wanted to make Weekly Update videos to document what has happened each week on NBA Top Shot so that when we get out of beta and Top Shot blows up, people can look back and see the important events that lead up to this worldwide phenomenon! Oh and also so people in the Top Shot community can get quick 5 minute updates to see everything that happened in the previous week to stay in the loop!

What kind of feedback have you received from the community regarding your content?

People were really supportive early on! Yung Content and Booster Pack Reveal, who are also Top Shot content creators, shared my first videos in the Discord and really tried to help me gain traction early on. Pretty sure I was the first female Top Shot YouTuber. I've had plenty of people reach out on Twitter to thank me for the informative videos I create, and that's always super rewarding.

Any plans to create other forms of NBA Top Shot content?

Yessssss, now that I'm working for Evaluate.Market as their Social Media Coordinator, I have plans to create a YouTube channel for them and create videos to help people analyze their moments to make more informative buying/selling decisions.

Piece of advice for collectors trying to get in the game.

Do your research. Build your confidence in the platform by learning about Dapper Labs, Flow, their mission, and the journey of how things have progressed since the start. Ask yourself what your goals are with NBA Top Shot. The market is volatile so work on keeping your cool at all times, and remind yourself to think logically not emotionally. 

Where can the community find you?

I create Weekly Update videos and basic fundamental videos over on YouTube! My username is jennifertopshot. You can also find me on Twitter, my username is @jennifer_sutto

You can also check out Jennifer’s NBA Top Shot collection here.



"We have a lot of dialogue about [NBA Top Shot] on a daily basis, and we mess around about it all the time. Like somebody makes a big play in a game and like, we'll just come over and be like, 'Yo, Top Shot that.'" -Tyrese Haliburton of the Sacramento Kings (via ESPN)


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  • In case you missed it: We’re excited to introduce Trade Tickets! This is a new feature to further provide utility for all of your Moments, which will be added to the Top Shot ecosystem in the next few months. Like so many other features introduced in NBA Top Shot beta, Trade Tickets are designed to make collecting even more compelling and dynamic long term. For more details, read the full blog post.
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