They’re back! And this time they’re landing on all fours.

Let the final countdown begin: The fourth drop of four from the Cool Cats set touches down on Thursday, April 15 at 11 AM PDT. An NBA Top Shot nod to CryptoKitties, the Dapper Labs project that came before it, Cool Cats has become a defining common set in Series 2 with a drop per month since January and the much-anticipated LaMelo Ball Master Challenge. 

Cool Cats Drop 4 shows love to NBA players who pounce on new opportunities: those who’ve found themselves in new homes in 2020-21 but haven’t missed a beat. Read on to see some of the players whose Moments you can get your paws on from this drop or read the full list now.

The Cool Cats Drop 4 Moments will each be numbered to 20,000 and all will be part of the requirements for a coveted Challenge Reward featuring ultimate offseason trade acquisition Russell Westbrook draining a game-winning triple for his new franchise.

In addition to the common Cool Cats Moments available in this drop, each collector will pull four Base Set Moments from Series 2. 

Beyond general adherence to our standard terms and conditions, there are no collection requirements for participating in this pack drop.

A total of 92,500 packs will be made available to collectors in this pack drop. 7,500 packs will be withheld for community giveaways, customer service and promotional purposes. 

Please note that while we offered Base Set “Rebound” packs for collectors in line who were unable to get a Holo Icon pack in Monday’s drop, there will be no Rebound packs available in this particular drop.

Cool Cats Drop 4 Pack Listing

Unique to This Drop

Some of the Moments you can snag in the latest Cool Cats pack include:

  • Chris Paul of the Phoenix Suns going behind his back to bounce a perfectly placed dime to teammate Frank Kaminsky.
  • Gordon Hayward of the Charlotte Hornets driving hard to the hoop and spinning his way to layup.
  • Jrue Holiday of the Milwaukee Bucks leading the charge in transition, flagging down a pass and then casually flipping in an off-balance reverse.

Key Stats

  • Pack cost: $14
  • Moments Per Pack: 5 (common Cool Cats x 1, common Base Set x 4)
  • Drops: 11 AM PDT, Thursday, April 15
  • Rebound Packs: 0
  • Number-capped Moments: 20,000 of each common Cool Cats 4 Moment
  • Packs Per Collector: 1

Here’s a complete list of every Moment available in these time-limited packs (while supplies last). 

And as always, if there's a particular Moment you need to complete your set or a challenge, you can hit the Marketplace to see what fellow collectors are offering. There's always a value play to make over there.


  • Loading Dapper Balance for this pack drop does not guarantee you’ll be able to purchase given high demand. We will not reimburse deposits under any circumstances.
  • If you are concerned about your bank blocking transactions, please contact them in advance to safelist us.
  • Packs are fully randomized. Some collectors may receive the same play, with a different serial number.
  • Do not run more than one instance of the queue. Joining the queue on multiple devices or tabs is prohibited.
  • Do not use VPNs, or credit cards belonging to someone else. This may affect your ability to purchase.
  • Learn more about Queues here.

The Cool Cats Master Challenge

In addition to the currently-active Holo Icon Challenge 4 and Metallic Gold LE Challenge 23 as well as the incoming Cool Cats Challenge 4, the Cool Cats Master Challenge is waiting in the wing. This NBA Top Shot Master Challenge requires every Moment from the Cool Cats Set including each Challenge Reward — 29 Moments in total! 

For more details, revisit the January announcement of the Cool Cats Master Challenge in the blog. And for further reading on the subject: we also shared some insight and gave the community an update on concurrent challenges running.

What Else is Going On at NBA Top Shot?

  • Our Certified Ballers Showcase Contest is here! From now until May 4, collectors have an opportunity to build out a showcase and potentially win one Holo Icon Legendary pack. More details can be found in the blog post
  • Look out for Community Roundups in the blog, with weekly features on community members and initiatives, marketplace data and NBA Top Shot coverage online.
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