Eligibility: only be available for purchase to accounts that already own at least 1 Moment in their collection at the time of the drop. Unopened packs do not count.

The future is bright in the NBA and, once per season, the league’s next generation of stars all show out under one roof in the Rising Stars Challenge. Schedule limitations prevent an actual game from taking place this weekend but 20 of the game’s most impressive rookies and sophomores were still honored with spots on official Rising Stars rosters earlier this week.

As promised when we revealed the U.S. Team and World Team rosters right here on NBA Top Shot, we also put together an all-new, rare set honoring some of the most memorable Moments these young players have impressed us with throughout the 2020-21 campaign thus far.

On Sunday, March 7, we will be dropping 32,740 rare Rising Stars packs loaded with Moments from the league’s greatest young players, each numbered to just 2,021. Join our one and only Rising Stars pack drop, Sunday at 2 PM PST.

This rare drop comes packing an extra surprise, as collectors will additionally find one Seeing Stars Moment within each pack as well. Yes, every single Rising Stars pack will come with a rare Rising Stars Moment limited to 2,021 and a common Seeing Stars Moment limited to 10,000.

Every Rising Stars pack will also include five additional Moments from our Series 2 Base Set. Given that this pack includes only a small subset of Moments from the Series 2 Base Set, there is a higher than usual likelihood that collectors may receive multiple Moments featuring the same play in the same pack.

This lone Rising Stars drop will be your only chance to score Rising Stars Moments in packs and the last opportunity that you’ll get to pull any Seeing Stars Moments from packs. Of course, all Moments will be available afterward from other collectors in the Marketplace following the drop.

So join us on Sunday, March 7 at 2 PM PST for our most star-studded drop yet and let the good times roll right on through to the NBA All-Star Game itself shortly thereafter.

A total of 32,740 packs will be made available to collectors in this pack drop. An additional 3,638 packs will be withheld for community giveaways, customer service and promotional purposes.

This pack will only be available for purchase to accounts that have already started their Top Shot collection and own at least 1 Moment in their collection at the time of the drop. This decision comes after much consideration and is made in a concentrated effort to reward true collectors and curtail bots from ruining the experience. As an additional measure to ensure this tactic works effectively, the “gifting” feature will be unavailable from now until the Rising Stars pack drop is completed. 


Pack Cost: $199

Packs Per Collector: 1

Moments Per Pack: 7 (rare Rising Stars x1, common Seeing Stars x1, Base Set x5)


This Rising Stars pack drop contains rare Moments from rookies and sophomores, including:

View a complete list of every Moment available in these packs.


Of course! Once you’ve copped your Rising Stars pack on Sunday, you have one responsibility and one responsibility only; to sit back, relax and enjoy the 2021 NBA All-Star Game. This year’s unique contest will be played at State Farm Arena in Atlanta at 5 PM PST.

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