As we move along the Road to Top Shot 50 and the first of two Top Shot 50 drops grows closer, this week, it’s Metallic Gold’s time to shine. 

While Top Shot's recent XL Pack Drop was available to all collectors and featured a chance at a Rare Moment, Metallic Gold Pack Drops include a guaranteed Rare Moment — and the majority of these packs are reserved for collectors with a Total Drop Score of 25,000 or more. 

Total Drop Score is your Top Shot Score + your Early Adopter Bonus + your Favorite Team Bonus. The higher your Total Drop Score score, the more packs you’re eligible to purchase and the more Dapper Balance you’ll earn back with each successful purchase. To build your Total Drop Score, simply grow your collection with new Moments. Every dollar you spend will grow your score by a minimum of 10 points, and the snapshot to achieve a 25K Total Drop Score for these packs is coming this Wednesday at Noon ET.

This Metallic Gold Limited Edition Drop is the only drop of the week, but the Alumni Hoops Leaderboard is still going strong, with Snapshot 3 on Friday at 1pm ET, and more rounds of Prizes continuing through the month! Trade in eligible Moments to compete for epic prizes. This week’s prizes include $100 in NBA Top Shot Balance, $200 in Ticketmaster Gift Cards, Top Shot Sweatshirts, Top Shot Hats, and Top Shot T-Shirts, and as the Leaderboard progresses, one collector will win the ultimate NBA Playoffs Experience. 

Today we’re also kicking off the first Top Shot Debut Moment Showdown, pitting 64 of the best and most beloved Debuts — a player’s first Moment on Top Shot — from Top Shot 50 Members, NBA Legends, and Amazing Rookies head-to-head in a community vote for the crown. To celebrate the occasion, we’re also dropping our first-ever Limited Edition Merch — inspired by the Top Shot Debut badge and created in partnership with HOMAGE — available exclusively for free to 2,500 collectors in the U.S. and Canada who sign up for the draw

Top Shot Debut Moment Showdown Homage


The Rare Series 4 MGLE Set of collectibles features three players from every NBA team this season, and this week’s drop is headlined by Rare Rookie Moments and historic NBA performances. 


5,360 total MGLE packs ($69 each) will be available during Series 4’s Premium Pack (Release 3), with each including 1 guaranteed Rare MGLE Moment minted to just /399, 1 Spotlight Series Moment, and 4 Base Set Common or Parallel Moments.  


As we recently shared, NBA Rookies in Series 4 are limited to at most one Rare Moment from the NBA Regular Season, not including Leaderboard Rewards — which means this week’s new MGLE Moments from Jeremy Sochan, Keegan Murray, and Mark Williams, along with the new Bennedict Mathurin MGLE Challenge Reward, will be the only Rares you’ll find for these players (unless they earn a Leaderboard Reward). The only way for Jeremy Sochan, Keegan Murray, Mark Williams, or Bennedict Mathurin to earn another Rare Moment from the regular season is to make the All-Rookie First Team or All-NBA Team, or earn All-Defensive First Team recognition. 

NBA All Star Player Leaderboard Rewards


On Wednesday, March 22, 2023, at 4:00pm ET (originally 1:30pm ET), the opportunity to join the pack drop will open for select Top Shot collectors with a Total Drop Score of 25,000 or higher. Based on your Total Drop Score, you will be eligible to request different quantities of packs, with 4,824 available, and also receive different amounts of NBA Top Shot Balance back based on how many you successfully purchased. The Snapshot determining your Total Drop Score will be taken at Noon ET on March 22, 2023. You cannot add to your collection to improve your Total Drop Score and eligibility for this Drop after this snapshot.


536 of these packs will become available in a General Queue available to all collectors on Friday, March 24, 2023, at 5pm ET, with a Waiting Room that opens at 4pm ET. Eligible collectors can also receive NBA Top Shot Balance back per purchase. 


  • EARLY ACCESS: You can join the Metallic Gold LE Drop (Premium Pack: Release 3) between March 22 at 4:00pm ET (originally 1:30pm ET) and March 24 at 3pm ET if you are eligible. Before the Early Access drop begins, select collectors will be invited to purchase packs via email with Priority Access tied to their locked Set Rewards Package. 167 collectors who previously locked MGLE or Legendary Sets are eligible for today's Priority Access.
  • After 3pm ET on March 24, all collectors who requested packs will be randomized and selected, either receiving all of the packs they ordered, some of the packs they ordered, or no packs.

  • Any collector who does not receive a pack they ordered will receive their Dapper Balance returned to their wallet shortly after the conclusion of the drop.

  • GENERAL ADMISSION: The remaining packs will be available in a General Queue that opens at 5pm ET on Friday, March 24. Upon conclusion of all drops, the Dapper Balance Back (Per Pack) will be rewarded.


There are 18 new Metallic Gold LE Moments coming in this drop, along with 2 Challenge Rewards. Here’s a look at who is coming. 

  • Damian Lillard (Challenge Reward) becomes the Trail Blazers all-time leading scorer in this historic Highlight Reel.

  • Jeremy Sochan (Rookie) applies pressure on the inbound and creates back-to-back buckets.

  • LaMelo Ball puts the ball on a string before draining the runner.

  • Scottie Barnes smashes a shot off the glass, protects the paint with a second rejection, and leads the transition.

  • Bennedict Mathurin (Rookie, Challenge Reward) swats a layup not once, but twice, off the glass.
  • CJ McCollum lights it up with 16 straight Pelicans points in a fourth-quarter Highlight Reel.

  • De'Aaron Fox picks off a pass and takes the ball to the rack for an emphatic finish.

  • Kawhi Leonard wrestles for the offensive board, then takes the ball beyond the arc himself and drains a three.

  • Alperen Şengün wraps a behind-the-back dime around the defender's back for the assist.

  • Immanuel Quickley gets a scoop shot to fall in a career-high 38-point night and double overtime victory.

  • Keegan Murray (Rookie) gets to the rack in a dominant 10 of 12 shooting night.

  • Derrick White cans catch-and-shoot triple in a career-high 33-point game.

  • Brook Lopez protects the paint with back-to-back rejections.

  • Jaren Jackson Jr. robs Joel Embiid of a dunk with a clutch block above the rim.

  • Kyrie Irving slices through the defense in a 40-point Mavs masterpiece.

  • Mark Williams (Rookie) unleashes a slam in season-best 18-point, 20-board performance.

  • Bam Adebayo spins up the court and sinks a circus shot layup.

  • Darius Garland loses their defender with a ball fake and dishes a no-look dime.

  • DeMar DeRozan poaches a late inbound pass that sets up a game-tying hoop.
  • Bojan Bogdanović drains cold-blooded stepback and finishes 7 of 9 from three.

Your opportunity to join the MGLE Pack Draw starts on Wednesday.

We’ll see you there, and until then, vote for your favorite Top Shot Debuts

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