Put the CLAMPS on your collection.

When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, sometimes, the immovable object wins. For hoops heads and basketball fans who admire both ends of the game, we’ve got something special brewing that pays homage to the strongest defensive displays of the 2022-23 NBA season. 

CLAMPS is the second NBA Top Shot Team Leaderboard Reward — a tribute to the defensive excellence that every team channels when it’s needed most. The Snapshot to earn these new limited edition collectibles will be taken before December 23, 2022.

These Rewards will be Team Moments composed of multiple highlights, called Reels, that showcase your favorite teams and players locking down the opposing offense and shutting down possessions. 

Anyone in the top 1,500 spots of an NBA Team Leaderboard at the time of the snapshot will earn their CLAMPS Reward Moment. Parallel Editions of these CLAMPS Moments will be available in extremely limited quantities for collectors in the top 25, next 100 and next 250 Team Leaderboard positions.

All CLAMPS Moments will be delivered to collectors this January. 


Team Leaderboards give Top Shot collectors the ability to flex their fandom, compete against friends and earn new Moment Rewards and amazing fan experiences by locking existing Moments in their collection. 

By locking a Moment, you cannot sell it for 365 days from the day it’s locked — but you can still use Moments to play in Challenges and build Top Shot Score to participate in pack drops.  

You can earn up to 30 unique CLAMPS Moments — one for each NBA team — by ranking in the top 1,500 spots on each Team Leaderboard at the time of the Leaderboard Snapshot this December. The snapshot can occur any time between December 7 and December 23.  

These Moments will be in the Common Tier of scarcity. Each Moment is attributed to an NBA team, not individual players, making them the first Common NBA Team Moments. 


By ranking specifically in the Top 25, next 100 or next 250 on a Team Leaderboard at the time of the snapshot, you’ll earn a more limited edition Parallel CLAMPS Moment.  

Coded Parallels will go to the top 25 collectors (Leaderboard Positions 1-25).

Halftone Parallels will go to the next 100 collectors (Leaderboard Positions 26-125).

Bubbled Parallels will go to the next 250 collectors (Leaderboard Positions 126 - 375).

Non-Parallel standard editions of CLAMPS will go to the remaining collectors (Leaderboard Positions 376-1500).

Serial numbers within each range on the Team Leaderboards will be randomized in their delivery.


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