It’s no secret that in Series 2, NBA Top Shot packs are at a premium — in this case, literally. This Thursday, April 22, 2021 at 2 PM PDT, Premium Packs are back for their second drop of the series, providing passionate collectors of Metallic Gold LEs a chance to snag new, must-have Moments from the much-sought-after rare set.

This set, a minted repository of the top impact players that combine to define their squads, features stars, rookies and key rotation pieces from all 30 teams in the league. In addition to a guaranteed rare Metallic Gold LE (Series 2) Moment — each numbered to 499 — every pack will also contain five Base Set Moments from Series 2.

A total of 245 different Base Set Moments will be available in Premium Packs, including 31 all-new Moments and 16 players making their NBA Top Shot debuts. 

View a complete list of the Moments available in this drop

To join the queue for a chance to buy a pack, you must have fulfilled at least one of the following at the time of our snapshot on Tuesday, April 20 at 11 AM PDT:

-Own 1+ Metallic Gold LE Moments; or

-Own 2+ Rare Moments; or

-Own 15+ Moments

Additionally, you must also have spent at least $99 on the Marketplace, excluding pack purchases. This requirement had to have been met by the time of the snapshot on Tuesday, April 20 at 11 AM PDT

Eligible collectors must continue to meet the criteria through to their purchase of the pack.

Note that Moments in unopened packs do not qualify for any of the criteria above.

This time around, the requirements are designed to get these Premium Packs into the hands of community members with a passion for the Metallic Gold LE set. In our continued efforts to reward collectors, we will continue to take snapshots of collectors’ accounts periodically throughout the NBA calendar. Holding a dynamic collection will continue to be a reliable way to gain access to coveted drops.

A total of 17,427 packs will be made available to collectors in this pack drop. 1,500 packs will be withheld for customer service, community giveaways and promotional purposes. 

Finally, available in this drop will be more Rebound Packs for those collectors who qualify for the queue but aren’t able to secure Premium Packs while supplies last. A total of 50,000 Rebound Packs from the Series 2 Base Set will be available, enough for every collector that qualifies for the queue. Rebound Packs will be Base Set packs priced at $9. 

Please also note that the queue to join the drop (including access to Rebound Packs) will only be open to join for 10 minutes after the planned drop start time: if you leave the queue or arrive late, you won't be able to purchase a Rebound Pack even if you qualify.

Key Stats

-Pack Cost: $99

-Moments Per Pack: 6 (1x Metallic Gold LE Series 2, 5x Base Set Series 2)

-Pack Drop: 2 PM PDT Thursday, April 22, 2021

-Waiting Room Opens: 1:30 PM PDT (or earlier)

-Rebound Packs: 50,000

-Packs Per Collector: 1

Here’s a complete list of every Moment available in these time-limited packs. 

And as always, if there's a particular Moment you have your eye on, you can hit the Marketplace to see what fellow collectors are offering. There's always a value play to make over there.

Unique to this Drop

Some of the 54 Moments (27 all-new) you can snag in the latest Premium Packs include:

-Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics batting a steal away from his opponent on one end of the floor and taking the ball all the way to the rack.

-James Wiseman of the Golden State Warriors flashing his potential as a rim protector leaping from help side to erase a floater attempt from the opposing team.

-Kyle Kuzma of the Los Angeles Lakers blowing past his defender to go baseline for a contested two-handed flush.


1) Loading Dapper Balance for this pack drop does not guarantee you’ll be able to purchase given high demand. We will not reimburse deposits under any circumstances.

2) If you are concerned about your bank blocking transactions, please contact them in advance to safelist us.

3) Packs are fully randomized. Some collectors may receive multiples of a specific play, with different serial numbers.

4) Do not run more than one instance of the queue. Joining the queue on multiple devices or tabs is prohibited and may cause you to fully miss out on an opportunity to purchase any packs.

5) Do not use VPNs, or credit cards belonging to someone else. This may affect your ability to purchase.

It's Showtime!

The Certified Ballers Showcase Contest is live and in full effect until May 4. In the latest contest, collectors have the opportunity to build out an elite Showcase featuring Moments from Certified Ballers in the NBA Top Shot community. Elite Showcasers will compete for legendary packs, rare packs, Dapper Credit and even some special Moments from Series 1... 

To qualify for the Showcase Contest, collectors must put together an NBA Top Shot Showcase that features at least three Moments from NBA players with verified accounts on Top Shot. You can find all of the eligible players’ Moments here

More details on the contest can be found in last week’s announcement blog post

What Else is Going On?

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-There are currently two active challenges - Cool Cats Challenge 4 and Holo Icon Challenge 5 - where you can earn exclusive rewards and add to your collection. Remember, do not feel obligated to complete every single challenge. We shared some insight and gave the community an update on concurrent challenges running.