The 2022-23 season is well underway and we've already seen plenty of unforgettable plays. Start collecting Throwdowns, For The Win and other new Moments from the first month of the season today. For details on what's coming, read on.

Deep-rooted at the core of NBA Top Shot is topical NBA content, the action that plays out between the baselines and the memories that bring us all here in the first place.

Given that, committing to when, where and how that content lives in our product is an important responsibility.

Through four NBA seasons, we’ve explored and refined new ways to structure and define the sets that live at NBA Top Shot, all in pursuit of a dynamic library of basketball content as intuitive as it is compelling.

You’ve already seen a high-level look at how we’re approaching supply in Series 4. Here’s a closer look at the specific Sets that we’re curating for the 2022-23 regular season.


Legendary Sets are Grail content taken to an unprecedented new level. 

Legendary Sets NBA Top Shot Series 4

Top Shot 50: The premise is simple, a crown jewel Set featuring the best plays of the year for 50 players who define the 2022-23 season. Find out how the players themselves – and, well, you – factor into it all on our Top Shot 50 main page.

Rookie Revelation: In the collecting world, nothing beats a rookie. This lets us give special treatment to each first-year player’s best play of the season — and long-term collectors a myriad of ways to speculate on the next league superstar.


Rare Sets give elevated treatment for premium plays and performances.

Metallic Gold LE: Your team in a time capsule. Refined down to 90 overall plays from last year’s 150, this flagship Set features notable plays and performances from three featured players on each roster.

Fresh Threads: Revamped for Series 4, an exclusive Set dedicated to player movement, featuring plays from each player’s first contest with their new squad.

Throwdowns: For the fourth consecutive season, an annual staple returns, once again featuring the most relentless poster dunks of the regular season.

For The Win: Legends are born when the game is on the line. Returning for the first time since Series 1, a Set dedicated to memorable game-winning plays.

Video Game Numbers: A Set composed exclusively of single-game reels, celebrating individual players with stat lines that jump off the box score.


Common Sets offer accessible explorations of topical NBA themes and narratives.

Base Set: New for Series 4, the Base Set will be limited to one Moment per player. Our core common Set remains the most holistic picture of the league at large, spanning stars, rookies and impact rotation players alike. New this year are the addition of Base Set Parallels, collect your way in 2022-23. 

Rookie Debut: There’s nothing like that first look at your team’s next great player — player debuts have become a staple for NBA Top Shot collectors. This season, we’ve grouped all Moments from rookies’ first NBA matchups into one iconic Set.

Spotlight Series: Ongoing narratives are the heartbeat of the NBA season. This Set shines a light on plays, players and storylines you need to be aware of.

Hustle & Show: Gritty and glitzy, the duality of hoop is undeniable. As always, this fan favorite Set features both stunning displays of fastbreak showmanship and all-out hustle efforts.

Extra Spice: In this league, there’s no such thing as over the top. This returning themed Set celebrates playground-style moves and unforgettable player reactions.

NBA Top Shot Set Summary

With compelling Moments at all entry points, each celebrating a unique aspect of the game or group of players, the revised content library for the 2022-23 regular season has something for everyone.

Join us in the hoops conversation as the year unfolds, each viral play or performance falling logically into a puzzle we’re building together.

The above Sets outline our conventional content plans for the 2022-23 regular season. Further details surrounding historical content, Leaderboard content, Playoffs content and Fandom content will be provided when, where and if necessary.

For more details about upcoming Pack Drops and when you can collect these sets, learn about our refined approach to creating Moments here. Have questions? Send a letter to NBA Top Shot’s mailbag – –  and we may be able to provide additional context.