Welcome to another edition of Community Roundup — your one-stop shop for all things NBA Top Shot. 

We’ll review FAQ’s from the community and provide you with highlights from the Top Shot universe in recent weeks. And in this week’s Community Spotlight, we chat with a big collector of physical trading cards since the 1980s who has found a passion for collecting NBA Top Shot Moments as well.

As a reminder: Our first Showcase Quest runs till Wednesday, May 19 at 12pm PDT. The prize for completing the Showcase Quest will be a never-to-be-sold-in-packs Ben Simmons Moment from the Cool Cats set - a necessary piece for the upcoming Cool Cats Master Challenge.


Q: Can you give an update on Showcase Quest? Some player Moments are listed with different positional eligibility. 

There is a third-party community resource where collectors can check to see if their Showcase is eligible. If there is any uncertainty about a player position for specific Moments, we recommend searching the Marketplace by position to qualify for the Showcase Quest. This first iteration is a rough draft for what we can do long term.

Q: Will Collector Score replace Baller Status? 

Collector Score will not replace Baller Status — they are different systems that have different purposes. Collector Score will be more dynamic based on your collection, and will be used to determine eligibility for certain drops. Baller Status is achievement-based and collectors can level up by reaching certain goals.

Q: Any updates on Canadian and UK bank withdrawals?

Great news! Collectors in Canada and the UK who have access to withdrawals can now withdraw to their banks, effective Friday, May 14. 

Community Lead, Jacob Eisenberg, gave an update in our Discord Office Hours. Listen to the full audio on our YouTube channel.


We have updated a number of articles to assist with any FAQ’s around collector activity history, withdrawing Dapper Balance to USDC, withdrawing Dapper Balance to a bank account and the withdrawal process as a whole. Full articles are listed below.

Exploring Dapper's Activity History

How do I withdraw my Dapper Balance to USDC?

How do I withdraw my Dapper Balance to my bank account?

What is the process to withdraw my Dapper Balance?

Collectors can also access more information around support-related questions via our YouTube channel or via our homepage.


Part of what makes NBA Top Shot so special is the community. Your passion and excitement does not go unnoticed — we love to see it. In this Roundup, we wanted to take a moment and spotlight an avid collector in the community who first started collecting physical trading cards in the early 1980s and has expanded into collecting NFTs and NBA Top Shot Moments.

Midwest Box Breaks is a staple in the physical trading card community and is starting to explore NBA Top Shot. Continue reading for a full transcript of our conversation:

How did you get your start in collecting physical trading cards?

I started buying packs in the early 1980s because all of my friends collected. I stopped buying after high school, started buying again briefly in the early 2000s, and have been back for good about four years. I've always kept my collection and have picked up PC items along the way.

What are your favorite part(s) about your trading card collection and experiences thus far?

I really like the interaction with other collectors on social media, especially Twitter. Networking with others really amplifies the experience.

When you first heard of NBA Top Shot, what was your initial reaction? 

I was skeptical. I hadn't really been educated on Moments or NFTs. Sometimes it's easy to make assumptions without all the facts.

How did you get started with NBA Top Shot?

I bought my first pack, sold my first Moment, then bought another pack. So many other collectors in our Discord "Break Club" were talking about Top Shot that we created a new room for it. 

How were you able to make that bridge from collecting physical trading cards to collecting NFTs?

I'll never stop collecting physical cards. My goal is to create an environment where our collector friends are happy. If that includes NFTs I want to help them with resources, options, and content. Most of the reasons we enjoy collecting cards also fit with Top Shots and NFTs. I've tried to be creative and offer promotions and opportunities that will expose traditional card collectors to Top Shot, as well as presenting the joys of card collecting to people that are starting out with Top Shot.

How do you view the dynamic between physical trading cards and NFTs such as NBA Top Shot?

There will likely always be three groups; NFT only, cards only, people who enjoy both. I think as more people talk about NFTs, it will continue to gain momentum. As more athletes and celebrities get involved, it will continue to grow exponentially. That will continue to happen in the trading card world as well. It's a great time to be a collector really. Again, people should focus on what they enjoy, and collect within their budget and means.

What do you love most about NBA Top Shot?

I get a similar level of excitement when I open a pack. I think it's cool that I can live and participate in both worlds and help people enjoy both at the same time. I honestly feel that it also brings attention to collecting in general as a means of entertainment.

What is your favorite Moment you own?

I’ve got a Zion Williamson Dunk from Series 2. I grabbed quite a few RJ Barrett. I’m a Lakers guy so hoping to make some trades soon.

What is your favorite Moment you want to collect?

I’m partial to any of the Dunks. Again, I would love to get anything Lakers...

Which highlight do you want to see minted?

With the playoffs around the corner, I’m excited to hopefully see some big shots in big matchups in those games.

Can you share your strategy for collecting NBA Top Shot Moments?

Be ready for the pack drops! Join groups like our Discord as well as the Top Shot Discord. There are also some great Twitter accounts and group chats. The same fundamentals apply as with physical cards. Engage with groups of other collectors, learn who they collect and build relationships.

There are a number of resources available from the community. What or who are some of your favorite websites, blogs, accounts that you use and/or follow on a daily basis to inform your strategy?

The guys who collect Top Shot in our Discord are very engaged and informative. I try to follow several Top Shot and Dapper guys on Twitter. I’m as interested in the behind the scenes stuff as I am in the release of packs. It’s rare to witness something start from an idea and watch it flourish into a phenomenon. All while having access to the main players in the space via social media.

Where can the community find you?

Twitter: @midwestboxbreak  

Instagram: midwestboxbreaks_ben

YouTube: “Midwest Box Breaks”

Our physical card breaks are posted at Midwestboxbreaks.com.

Watch for more ways to enjoy cards and NFTs through our group and our breaks.



“I have a real belief that this is the future of our world.” - Sacramento Kings guard, Tyrese Haliburton (via New York Times)


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