What’s up, Top Shot squad!

Welcome to the latest edition of Dev Diary, where we take you through some of the latest features to be added to NBA Top Shot. Since the last Dev Diary, our developer and engineering teams have added a number of new attributes across the site. These are always implemented with the top priority of improving the collector experience, so we wanted to take time to share a bit more of the story behind them with you, our collector community.


To celebrate the beginning of the NBA Playoffs and our community making #NBATopShotThis part of basketball culture, our team implemented an activation for existing NBA Top Shot collectors to receive $16 credit, provided they met the requirements below.

Collectors were required to own three (3) or more Moments at the time of the snapshot on Saturday, May 22 at 9am PDT in order to be eligible. 

To incorporate #NBATopShotThis, collectors needed to quote Tweet their favorite highlight with that hashtag from the weekend playoff games and submit the link to their Tweet before the final buzzer of Sunday’s game.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter @nbatopshot to stay informed and up-to-date on future campaigns as you continue to build out your NBA Top Shot collection. 


In addition to the promo for existing collectors, we started a new promotion for collectors. After signing up for an account and purchasing your first Moment via the Marketplace, new collectors were eligible to receive up to $50 credit back.

As the NBA Playoffs begin, now is a great time to invite your friends to start their NBA Top Shot collection and get in the game!  

We have started to experiment with various promotions to grow the NBA Top Shot community and improve the product for all collectors. 


We introduced Collector Score as an experimental new system to reward committed collectors and to grant access to limited content. Note that eligibility requirements will continue to be tweaked as we shape this moving forward for the community. This feature was first utilized for our Rare Throwdowns (Series 2) pack drop on Monday, May 10. 

Collectors with a score of 220 were eligible to participate in the drop. Again, the score will not be the same moving forward for pack drops, and we will continue to refine eligibility requirements.

For more information around Collector Score, read the full blog post


We introduced the reservation system to allow collectors an opportunity to have access to packs. Over the short time frame that the reservation system has been implemented, we have had 300,000+ collectors reserve packs for multiple weeks in a row. 

We are continuously running reservations for packs on the homepage, meaning collectors in the NBA Top Shot community can come in and reserve their pack at any time!

To learn more about reservation packs, read the full blog post.


To keep our collectors more informed, our team implemented a new feature where the remaining number of packs is visible and present for those in the queue.


Part of the NBA Top Shot experience is participating in Challenges where exclusive rewards can be earned. To make this particular experience easier to find, a “Challenges” header in has been added to the main navigation bar: 


An update to current Marketplace cooldowns is now in effect for select collectors. Those who have passed a Verified Identity Check will not be subject to 1-minute cooldowns. However, during periods of 5+ minutes, all collectors - whether they have passed the Verified Identity Check or not - will be subject to those cooldowns. 

Cooldowns will continue to be used for the betterment of the community in order to monitor performance in the Marketplace regarding listing and de-listing Moments. This is to ensure a smoother experience for everyone while we work to scale our infrastructure. Cooldowns are also implemented to safeguard against bots in the Marketplace.

Again, we will continue to alert the community about cooldown changes via our @topshot_updates Twitter account. Be sure to give us a follow to stay in the know on all status alerts.


A new feature within the Marketplace are four (4) search buttons underneath the main search bar that will reflect your favorite team (if selected) upon registering for an NBA Top Shot account, two (2) players from that favorite team, and a “Rookies” button.

This has been rolled out as a way to improve the collector experience in navigating the Marketplace based on personal preference or filter accordingly for specific Moments


The previous iteration of purchasing a Moment through the Marketplace is reflected in the screenshot below. A press of the button confirmed the Moment purchase before checking out via Dapper.


In the improved version seen below, collectors will need to confirm twice before purchasing their Moment in the Marketplace. This new feature should alleviate any concerns about collectors attempting to purchase a particular Moment that was not originally intended. The blue purchase button also now lists the price of the moment.



Upon registering for an NBA Top Shot account, collectors will be asked to select a “Favorite Team.” 

Collectors are then prompted to collect three (3) Moments from their favorite team to complete the Team Quest, and their Baller Status will immediately  be impacted upon completion.


This was a big one! We introduced NBA Top Shot’s first Showcase Quest, in this case for collectors to earn a Cool Cats Prize.

This was the first iteration of Showcase Quest and an example of the kind of experimentation we will continue to put forth as we develop the beta — and beyond. 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out on Discord or on Twitter. And if you have any feedback or suggestions, submit your ideas to our Community forum.

Until next time, happy collecting!